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September 2, 2008

Back to life, back to reality (I am certain I have used that title before, but hey, I like recycling!)

Long weekends with a Monday holiday have the added benefit of making the following workweek shorter and ... curlier?

They seemed to go together.

Here are the astonishing goings on at my house of late:

1. I COOKED. Well, not really in the sense of "put things in pan and make meal" but I made HUMMUS which is practically cooking!

2. Except none of the ingredients had to be cooked by me.

3. Not important! HUMMUS is very appetizer-like, and therefore constitutes cookage! I opened the whole can of chickpeas entirely by myself, which means something.

4. Also, in tandem with my hummus-making, I single-handedly warded off all vampires for the weekend and probably whole ensuing week by adding not the required one but instead THREE whole cloves of garlic to the mixture because I thought maybe the recipe needed some "modification." Come here, let me breathe on you. It is lovely.

5. In addition to the cooking and elimination of all vampires in the metropolitan Valley region, I also made "crudites" which are not pronounced "cruddy tayes" like I thought (thanks, innernet!) and it turns out that these fancy -- probably French -- items are le carrot sticks, le cauliflower florets and le celery. I'm guessing with the hummus and the French vegetables I must be in Lebanon.

6. Bob eats carrot peels. This was discovered by me, Wildlife Researcher, this weekend as I apparently "cooked" my way to a big ol' kitchen mess. Begging the question ... how does one peel a carrot so badly that there are orange peels stuck on the fridge door?

7. Also, I drank wine. Possibly the reason for number 6, above.

In not-cooking news, today also marks the beginning of the back-to-school traffic season which my coworkers and I had mentioned to New Jersey a while back but he disregarded us and our paltry traffic wisdom and he just walked in demanding to know WHY PEOPLE DRIVE and WHY PEOPLE LIVE HERE and WHERE IS THE COFFEE.

He was a little flustered so we still didn't tell him about what happens when it rains....

Posted by laurie at September 2, 2008 9:44 AM