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September 24, 2008

All domestic goddessy and stuff

I am so happy that some of ya'll said you tried that Chicken and White Bean Chili recipe recipe off Epicurious and also liked it! I find that if I make a big pot of something on Sundays -- stew, soup, chili, rice and beans -- it's enough for lunch all during the week and paired with a wedge of cornbread it's a fast, filling lunch. If I can sneak some kale in there it's even healthier. Ha! Me and the sneaky kale.

This coming weekend (which seems so far away right now) I'm either going to make black bean soup with cilantro-lime sour cream OR white bean and escarole soup with garlic OR some variation of red beans and rice. I am leaning toward red beans and rice because I already have a big package of kidney beans in my pantry and some spicy sausage in the freezer. We'll see.

Sometimes I like to fool myself into thinking I am really cooking here... but making one pot of food to stretch over a workweek, is that culinary delight? No -- wait -- don't answer that. I'm happy with things they way they are. At least my lunch isn't coming from a brown paper bag handed to me by a McDonald's employee, and in my world this is progress.

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This is my favorite room of the house, the bedroom. At night after I'm done with dinner and tidying up and working and so on, I come in here and turn on the bedside lamp and all the cats pile up on the bed, they love this time of the night. I stretch out on the sheets and write in my notebook or read a book while Sobakowa lays on some part of my body and Bob wants to be petted and Frankie stretches out and it's the best time of the whole day.

The bedroom is very, very small, just enough room for a queen-size bed and one dresser and a narrow bedside table. No TV, no stereo, no phone. Just quiet and relaxing. Right now I'm doing the Scandinavian hotel room look with all white sheets and a plain white duvet cover for chilly nights (when they arrive, eventually.) Sundays are my favorite day in my favorite room because even though I still wake up early, I stay in bed longer on Sundays and all the cats snuggle in and I read or write in my notebook or do nothing at all for the first hour of the day.

It's definitely my favorite room. Simple and kind of sparse but really peaceful.

Bob agrees.

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