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September 23, 2008

Grapes for breakfast


I don't usually capture Dapper Dallas Raines in a flattering pose, so here is he being all official and AMS certified.

And this has nothing at all to do with Dallas Raines or the weather, but have any of you tried the Rosetta Stone language learning program? It's a little spendy -- I usually get language CDs free from the library -- but if you truly could learn a language REALLY well (and fast) using Rosetta Stone it might be worth the steep price tag. I'm curious to know if any of ya'll have tried it and if you had good results or thought it was worth the money.

Speaking of foreign, which reminds me of traveling, I get the Magellan's catalog in the mail and I love it, it's totally like porn for the travel-bitten.


I think these little shampoo sheets and conditioner sheets would be perfect if you're traveling with just a carry-on bag (damn you stupid liquid restrictions!)


Then there are the magical packing cubes, best invention ever for packing a suitcase:


Notice on the left that little gadget for weighing your luggage. That would have come in handy on the trip when I got charged an overweight fee for my bag. Whoops.

And since we're on the subject of weight and all, I know I am not a very light packer, I come from a long line of people who do not pack light. It is our way. My older brother Guy travels with his own Italian espresso maker. It's very charming. My dad travels with both a gas grill and an even bigger gas grill, plus a backup grill ... just in case. One can never have too many options for grilling. My mom travels with a pair of shoes for each outfit. I myself don't leave home without my L'Occitaine almond body wash and enough reading material for an army.

But I absolutely draw the line at bringing along the kitchen sink OR the bathroom scale:



I don't WANT to take my "conscience" along, that's negates the whole point of going on vacation! That is just crazytalk. I mean really now. One goes on vacation to avoid things such as root canals, boring commutes to work, meetings at 4 p.m. on Fridays and weighing oneself. Jeez louise.


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