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August 15, 2008

The edible lawn...?

A few weeks ago I found an article online about people turning the front lawns into gardens. The article is here on Time Magazine's website. Then I read an opinion article a few days ago on the New York Times website about urban agriculture. You can read that one here.

I would LOVE to get rid of my front lawn and have a big old garden out there instead! My landlord did not love this idea one bit, though, and informed me about all the hard work and time and effort and money the gardeners have put into getting the lawn in good shape, etc. etc. blah blah blah. I won't let the gardeners put any chemicals in my yard which drives them crazy and of course the landlord gave me an earful about that, too. So I doubt he'd be receptive to zucchini on the front lawn.

And of course even if he were open to the idea (which he is not, at all, the end!) truth is I don't have time to maintain an edible lawn right now anyway. I don't have time to maintain my own (somewhat astonishing) leg-hair weeding and fertilizing and mowing. Commuting is a tough taskmaster!

But one day when I live somewhere with a less lawn-crazed landlord OR when I own a house AND THEN when I have time to breathe (someday, always someday, the sun will come out tomorrow, I will worry about that tomorrow, etc. etc. lorem ipsum dolar...) I think I will plant a big garden out front. Makes so much more sense than some grass of suspect pedigree and all the watering and care you have to do just to have ... plain old grass. I'd much rather have a yard of thyme and basil or a yard full of avocado trees.

Would you replace a lawn with a veggie garden? How about your front lawn? I have a friend who started a garden out back but his wife thought it was a redneck thing to do and she was embarrassed by it. Until he shared that with me it never occurred to me that a garden was anything but a natural work of art, I guess everyone has a different take on things.

And my own garden in the backyard is doing just so-so this year, I don't have any free time right now and it's been a HOT summer and someone at my house is dead lazy about watering on any regular or meaningful schedule. My one lone pumpkin seems to be doing well enough, though. It long ago breached the walls of the raised-bed garden and has taken over most of the entire Back 40 and now its lone fruit rests happily in the weeds of the back-backyard:


But I will not lie to you -- up close it is THE UGLIEST PUMPKIN I HAVE EVER SEEN!! It is lumpy and misshapen and bulgy in all the wrong places and of course this makes me love it even more! I love my ugly lumpy pumkin that is not even orange! I call it my Charlie Brown Yellowbellied Lumpkin. I hope it grows up to be a magnificent huge size and astonishes all who gaze upon its lumpy misshapen pumpkinness. And I do hope it one day turns orange, really now.

My zukes this year are kind of scrawny and sad. It's just the pervasive heat, I guess, either that or the pumpkin sucked all the life out of the dirt which I kind of hope happened, Darwinism in the dirt! On the other side of the yard my peppers have made a comeback, apparently they need water to live (WHO KNEW) and since they are my dad's little heirlooms I treat them to a little drink now and then:


Even the little sprig I stuck in a pot is doing well and has peppers on it:
Ignore the brown sad plant to its left. We're very selective around here what with our midnight watering and all.

Gardening probably takes way more time and care than I have to devote to it, apparently it goes on my "one day..." list. Boy that list gets long sometimes. Dear Someday, please arrive NOW. Thanks! However, I DO take the time to feed and water the cats regularly so they will be big and strong and cute...

Blurry, yes. But cute!

Have a great weekend, lumps and all!

Posted by laurie at August 15, 2008 8:28 AM