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August 12, 2008

Little bits of knit

My September 2008 issue of Vanity Fair arrived, Carla Bruni is the cover model and there's an interesting story on her inside, you know a woman who'd posed nude and dated rockstars would never be accepted (or even considered) as First Lady here. Some of the pictures made me miss Paris.


If you subscribe there's also the Fashion Rocks extra:


On the very last page of that supplement there's agreat photo of a girl in mid-jump wearing these fabulous heels and what appear to be hand-knit tights and an amazing knit dress:

(click this image for a VERY big close-up)

I think that is a gorgeous dress! The details say this is a Rodarte dress and tights and there are a few other Rodarte pieces sprinkled throughout the Fashion Rocks pages. The label's website is one of those clunky flash things meant to be cool but just kind of hard to navigate -- but if you click on "photos" on the left, then click on "looks" you can hunt around to find that great knit dress and some other fabulous knit pieces, they're so beautiful! Like artwork. (There is also a good image gallery of the ready-to-wear collection here on Style.com.) This whole look reminds me of that great '80s punk stuff but really glamorous and pretty, a contradiction in terms I know. Their knit jackets are a loose, open weave with wild combinations of yarns (love that) and none of the shapes look too hard to make so you might get some inspiration there, too. (Also I remember Annie had a pattern for handknit tights in her Romantic Hand Knits book, nothing fishnetty, but still.)

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Frankie thinks she's ready for Vanity Fair!

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