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August 8, 2008

Karin Slaughter, nice Georgia girl. (Plus win two signed books!)

There are three things you may or may not know about Karin Slaughter:

1) She is almost as short as I am. (Not nearly as wide.)

2) She is very kind, and back when I was trying to figure out things such as "Do you tip your author escort on tour?" (Answer: No, but a nice thank you is always appreciated...) and "Why is this not glamorous at all and in fact is the antithesis of glamorous?" (Answer: "Until you've had a nervous breakdown while on tour and had to be checked into a facility, it's still considered good publicity. Maybe even after the breakdown, depending on the book...") and anyway she let me ask her all kinds of silly and harebrained and wine-fueled questions and she was very gracious with her help and advice.

3) She has very sensitive skin, which I know not because I slobbered on her but because I offered to send her the only thing that kept me sane(ish) while traveling: Olay Daily Facials. Manna from Heaven! But I bought her the unscented variety because of the aforementioned delicateness. Being Southern myself I understand this, and her being Southern, too, it was nice of her not to think I was stalking her, or at least say so out loud. To me. Because we are both Southern and have so much in common!

Though I have been told if I come within 50 miles of someplace in Georgia the law will arrest me, etc. Something about an order of restraining? I never lived in Georgia so I don't know much about their quaint ways of welcoming you. In Louisiana we had a crawfish boil and in Texas you barbecued something big but apparently in the fabled land of Georgia they call they law. I have heard this also happened to Bobby Brown. That was his prerogative!

Anyway! Now you know all about Karin Slaughter. I should totally be her biographer or something with my thoroughness, especially since most of those details were about me. Not important! What is important is that I have not ONE but TWO awesome books signed by the woman who is almost as short as me, and very nice, and has strangers sending her facial products:


That's a hardback signed copy of Fractured, her newest book plus a hardbound version of Martin, Misunderstood -- that book is currently only available in print in the UK, though the audiobook version is available to the rest of us folks. Post a hey-to in the comments and I'll pick a winner late today. Have a great Friday!! ("Hey-to" means hello, greeting, name or whathaveyou. I am translating for those who are not country.) (Really now.)

I almost look taller here, also WOW I am a great photographer or what?

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Thanks everyone, comments/giveaway closed!

Posted by laurie at August 8, 2008 10:30 AM