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August 21, 2008

Fall is coming and apparently it gives you great handwarmers and terrible posture

A few days ago I got a mailer from my local Bloomingdales ("The Mothership") featuring all their new DKNY stuff for fall. This little get-up caught my attention:

(Click all images below for a gigantor version)

What caught my eye isn't the fetching stance of the obviously sun-blinded-model, but what appeared to be charcoal-grey handwarmers... nice!

Then I saw this picture:

OH MY GOD THAT POOR GIRL HAS TO WEAR ARM WARMERS BECAUSE SHE HAS THE ARMS OF A MONSTER. Also, I love how in this picture the perspective is so that her handbag is actually large enough to contain her entire body if only she would hunch down a little more. But anyway, arm-warmers! Knits for fall!

And then the poor girl got mugged by a very large woolen scarf:

Oh, I love fashion. I like anything that makes pretty girls slump over and get monster claw hands and wear handknits. Also I think I will probably try making me some armwarmers like that for winter, assuming it ever will be winter again.

It will be winter again one day, won't it?

Posted by laurie at August 21, 2008 8:26 AM