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July 29, 2008

Shaken, stirred and undeterred

We're fine. The phones and elevators aren't working and we told the new guy from New Jersey it was part of his hazing. So it was about 11:45ish, and then it hit, one VERY LARGE THUD. They say it's a 4.8 or close to it. Then came the rolling.

Skyscrapers in downtown are meant to roll, it's part of the charm and excitement of working high up in a glass office in downtown. OH YEAH. Glass office!

Ya'll have never seen a chubby girl run so fast. I was on my feet and out the door of my office in under a second. I stood there in the doorway while my co-workers and I just stared. Then I said, "Um, how ya'll doing?" And we all laughed that shaky laugh you get when the building is still rolling.

And we kept laughing the nervous "How long with this last?" laugh as everyone entered the corridor, everyone was coming out of their hallyways. "Hi Tom!" "Hi Carrie!" "Hello! I knew it was earthquake weather!"

The building stopped rolling just as the intercom buzzed to life. The completely anxiety-stricken and panicked voice of the security guard came over the airwaves to reassure us:

"This is building security.
We have just experienced an earthquake!!!!
Please be prepared for aftershocks!!!!
Move away from windows!
Do not use elevators!!
Should aftershocks occur (he pronounced this word "OOOOH-coor")
Crouch down beneath something secure and cover your arms with your head."

We broke out into nervous, giddy laughter. It was TOO MUCH.

Then, he concluded with panic, "Please do not panic!!!!"

Oh Los Angeles. Just another reason to crouch beneath something sturdy and cover your arms with your head.

Posted by laurie at July 29, 2008 12:40 PM