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July 14, 2008

Sir Barkasalot and the Roller Crew

I spent the weekend in Florida, finally meeting the newest member of my family in person:


Oh yeah. We bonded.

Poor little thing, I was just sure he had NO TOYS so I brought a few in my suitcase:


I also got to visit with my brother and my nephews Brett and Andrew and see my older brother do the dad thing ... ON WHEELS!


Cutie Andrew is ready for Roller Derby now!

The puppy didn't come roller skating with us, he needed a nap. This is his favorite position for laying low and it CRACKS ME UP:


My dad says he looks like a deboned chicken with those little legs out flat. The cuteness here was basically overwhelming. I kept trying to fit him in my carry-on bag but my folks are pretty attached to him. He even helps my mom play cards:

(Taken on my cellphone)

He's a card shark, that puppy! And it was a good, long, dog-snuggling weekend. Now I need a nap. Wonder if anyone will miss me if I duck underneath my desk for some shut-eye?

Posted by laurie at July 14, 2008 10:28 AM