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July 9, 2008

Possibly addicted to batik...

On Saturday I spent a portion of my "Deadliest Catch" marathon working on my June analytics report for my boss. Fun! Pie Charts! Finally I got to the wine-drinking portion of the day which is when I set aside my exciting pie-chart work and did some sewing work. Or, more appropriately, some "cutting fabric while avoiding the cat paws" work.

I did not even touch the pattern for my hippy dippy HollyHobby-esque dress mentioned last week. I love all those purples but I miscalculated my to-do list and current obligations and summer "no wedding left behind" schedule and it seems I have a wedding to attend next Friday, mere days away! That hippydippy little dress is awesome but not nearly appropriate for a morning of work and an afternoon of I Do's, so I am instead forging ahead with Wedding Attendee Dress #1, A Lovely Study In Brown And Pink:


I wanted a little dress I could wear with my pink DKNY summer shrug and I found this perfect batik cotton print at Michael Levine on my lunch break one day last week (there are benefits to working downtown!) I brought my pink sweater with me to the store so I could get a perfect match. And I love the fabric I found, it's so pretty!

This is McCall's pattern M8107, a very simple dress with princess seams and a back zipper. I'm making something between View G and View F -- so far the only alteration I've made is to cut the dress at tea-length which puts the finished garment midway between the two pattern options. Tea length is a good look for my body shape and more appropriate for the event.

I had so much help when cutting out my dress pieces. In fact, I don't know how I get any work done at all when I am away from the felines, they're such attentive helpers:


By the way, I'm pleased as pie (pie chart?) with my squeaky clean wood floors -- you can see a little of them in the pictures, since I'm using my living room floor as a cutting area. Just recently I started using a little Dr. Bronner's eucalyptus soap in a bucket of lukewarm water to clean the floors and it's my new favorite, non-toxic and awesome! (I buy this soap at Whole Foods, and I think Trader Joe's carries it, too.) I LOVE the smell of eucalyptus and it makes the floors shine, too. The whole house smells yummy for days.

But back to the dress! The fabric I'm using here is 100% cotton so I washed it on hot and dried it on high to be sure the final product will be 100% preshrunk. I love preshrinking fabric, it's my subtle revenge on all those dry-clean-only clothes I'm stuck with for Corporate Job, Inc. I'm glad I picked an easy pattern to get back into sewing, it will probably need a little off-pattern alteration in the bustline to fit me properly but aside from that it's very straightforward garment, just simple shaping and a zipper. When I finish this dress it will have cost me right around $41.00 including pattern, fabric and notions -- that's a fraction of whatever I may have found at Bloomies and it matches my little shrug perfectly! And it matches Soba:


So that is officially as far as I've gotten on my progress for Wedding Attendee Dress #1 in Brown & Pink. I have a huge pile of work this week and with my current schedule I won't be able to get anything done on my little batik project for days. Knowing me I'll be finishing seams next Thursday night, the evening before I have to wear it! I'm happy with it, though, I think the final product will be cute with the sweater and my favorite pink handbag and my rockin' bronze summer heels:


Didn't that picture look all fashiony and well-composed? Here is the REAL behind-the-scenes work going on at my house:


And finally, I hope I manage to develop some X-ray vision for pattern-reading between now and next Friday....


It is so challenging to read a pattern when it is covered in nine pounds of Sobakowa! How on earth does one manage to get anything done without a cat helping? I mean really now.

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