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July 17, 2008

Hello is it weekend yet?

Congratulations to Natasha who won a signed copy of Chip St. Clair's memoir, THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN I was so happy that so many people wanted to read Chip's book so I emailed publicist extraordinaire Kim Weiss to ask if she'd send out a few more books and she said yes! So five more readers will receive a copy of The Butterfly Garden (unsigned) -- I have emailed all the winners and congratulations to all five extra winners: commentors Dagny, Mary in NorCal, savanvleck, K8, and Liz J of Illinois.

And thanks to everyone for sharing their current reads and favorite books! I made quite a list of to-reads. I was surprised to see so many folks reading and loving Ken Follet's big ol' book, PILLARS OF THE EARTH. I haven't read it yet, but I like him a lot as an author -- in an interview he once told a reporter that he spent a long period of his career writing really bad books. Something about that made me laugh and also gave me more hope than is perhaps normal. Because hey, maybe I will write seven bad attempts at fiction and then the eighth will be miraculously good.

Also thanks to Elizabeth Sinnreich for posting about the upcoming Irène Némirovsky exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. You can read more about the museum and the upcoming exhibition at the museum's website.

Now I have a nice long list of books to read. That's the upside of commuting during the scorching hot summers here in Los Angeles. You can't bear to knit on the bus if it has no air conditioning and nowadays the buses are so crowded it's hard to knit anyway. Of course it never hurts to have your knitting needles in your bag just in case you do luck out with the A/C or in case your seatmate requires sudden stealth stabbing in the ribs. (Hey, it's Los Angeles. It happens.) But usually in the summer I read while I commute, books are portable and later in the summer if I'm carrying around Pillars Of The Earth maybe I can count that as my daily weightlifting, too.

When I am stressed and exhausted I get home and I tend to watch more TV instead of reading and then I feel like a big fat slug. Even though I think I'd rather lie on the sofa with Soba in the crook of my body while I wield the remote (I call her the Sofakowa, she likes to lie down next to me on the sofa and stretch out longways with her furry little back against my front, like we're spooning) I know I'd feel more productive and less sluggified if I read something or even did a little more writing, not on the computer but longhand (my favorite). I've calculated it -- in an average day during the work week I have one hour and forty minutes of free time, time not dedicated to working, commuting, writing, obligations, sleep and upkeep of the house and body. Sometimes in my one-hour-forty I give in to the sloth and I watch whatever is on the Tivo and have a glass of wine while the cat makes her little snoring sounds. It's kind of nice, actually.

My cactus bloomed again this year:


Had to take a picture in the dark, with flash, because apparently I am a vampire and can only appear under the cruel fluorescent lights of the office during daylight hours.

Have a good day and congrats again to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!

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