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July 8, 2008

Guerrilla Literacy

On Sunday I was out with Allison and Faith and we stumbled on what was for me the very zenith of my bumper-sticker-photographing life experience:


This car was covered on all sides with stickers -- it was a rolling work of art! I think I squealed. In fact, I squealed then groaned -- I'd left the house without my camera or cellphone, so much thanks to Faith for letting me use her phone to take pictures of this car from every angle. We even met the owner of the car while I was busy snapping pictures (and trying to figure out Faith's bizarrely complicated phone) and he was so nice, he told us his car is what he calls "guerrilla literacy" because it gets people reading and talking and laughing. His name is Michael and he's a professional storyteller (how's that for a profession!!) and he has a website called HaveMouthWillRunIt.com. I thought I took a picture of him standing by the car but apparently I was accidentally calling Faith's voicemail instead.

This was my favorite sticker:


I personally call them AFGOs and I really don't need another one anytime soon! (AFGO stands for "Another F****** Growth Opportunity") Anyway, I loved that car. For me it was the equivalent of stumbling on a big ol' Christmas present in July!



Posted by laurie at July 8, 2008 10:40 AM