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June 2, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle, we've got fun and books....

The best part of the book expo? The free books! Free wine! Meeting my new boyfriend! (More on that later.)

The worst part of the Book Expo? Me talking to strangers!

Also to Melissa, who had the unfortunate experience of meeting me after two looooong days and I was exhausted, hungry, overwhelmed, and trying to hide in the back warehouse, I am really sorry about calling your boss your MOM. People think I kid about my social ineptitude and anxiety until they have to spend more than four minutes with me.

Ah, good times.

So, this year's Book Expo America started out on the note of awesomeness with a visit from The Yarn Harlot:


If you wondered, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is just pretty freaking awesome. She's down to earth and gracious, and I was so happy to see her again this year. Knitters have to stick together, ya'll! Plus you know how I feel about Canadians.

Also, tomorrow I will be giving away a free! signed! copy! of her book plus a preview of her next book to some lucky dog, so if I lose you with the drunkenness below at least come back for the knitting tomorrow.

Then after we visited and chitchatted, I sat at my little table and signed some books. Halfway through my signing, Faith grabbed the sharpie out of my hand and said, "I HAVE TO GO NOW." Which is usually the sort of ridiculous thing I would do, so I was surprised because Faith is much more stable in the brain area than I am. So I just sat there for a moment trying to smile at the lady whose book I was not signing, as I was now sans pen, and that is when I noticed Faith was having her neck autographed. Which is when I noticed that the dude autographing her body was OH MY GOD THAT IS SLASH FROM GUNS N ROSES OH MY GOD.


Whereupon I immediately abandoned my table and forgot all about booksigning because SLASH!!!!!!


So, as you can see from this picture, he is so my boyfriend. Also, he is so virile I am certain that from our proximity and our happiness I am now carrying his child. Faith is probably pregnant, too. That Slash -- he sure gets around. In fact, he also got around with Kelly from HCI:

She may be skinnier than me but I am with child, obviously.

There were other famous people floating around, but you will be happy to know none of them impregnated me:

That's Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie!!!!

And Jack Canfield, who I am certain was impressed that I didn't spill anything on him this year.

Sadly, most of the rest of my pictures look like this:


There is an explanation, it is called "Open Bar Syndrome." It is really hard on the focus mechanism.

Also, these two people are either the result of a wine-drenched photographer or they are in the Witness Protection Program:


I did manage a picture of me and Matt Miller, one of the awesomest other HCI authors I got to meet over the weekend and he is also a blog-turned-book first-time author. He chronicled the struggle he and his wife have had with infertility in an upcoming book called Maybe Baby and he's down-to-earth and funny:


You can pre-order his book Maybe Baby on Amazon. He's a great guy, I hope his book sells a bazillion copies. I like it when good things happen to good people.

Another awesome writer I met was first-time author Chip St. Clair, who I have no pictures of because I am losing my stalker touch apparently, but he wrote an excellent book called The Butterfly Garden: Surviving Childhood on the Run with One of Americas Most Wanted. Faith said she stayed up Friday night reading it cover to cover and said it's amazing. (I went home Friday night and took three aspirin and went to bed. Tomato, tomahto.) But I also hope you'll read his book, and later in the week I'll get my act together and do a give-away of these plus all the other books I collected and schlepped across the convention center just for the innernets.

Oh. I would also like to apologize to Tom:

Um, that thing about me foisting myself on you and trying to get you to salsa dance with me to some rap song? TOTALLY SEAN GEARY'S IDEA.

So, in conclusion, it was a good, exhausting, fun weekend and I manged not to get fired from the publishing world. I think.

Me and Faith. Guess who was the designated driver?

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