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June 16, 2008

The cats were not impressed, however.

Over the weekend my little brother Eric was in town and he and Rebecca met me over at Grandma's house and Aunt Pam brought the rest of the family both old and new ...

Aunt Pam got a new puppy!

The new puppy spent a lot of time doing this:

He has a hard time knowing where the chew toy ends and the human hand begins....

It is really impossible to be sad or in a bad mood around a puppy. Animals in general should be a requirement for training all humans to be happy. We mostly just chitchatted and played with the puppy all day with a little break for In-n-Out Burgers. That sounds like a perfect day to me. Grandma also got lots of kisses and love from the puppy:



That's Rebecca in the pictures too, who I kept cutting off with my awesome photography. Everyone had a good time and at the end of the weekend everyone was worn out. Some more than others....

He sleeps like a log. Belly up!

Posted by laurie at June 16, 2008 9:12 AM