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June 22, 2008

My Birthday Resolution

So, every year around the time of my birthday I make a list of Birthday Resolutions. Sometimes my lists have been really long! I can't help it, I love a good list.

About two months ago I was on the treadmill and watching some show I'd Tivo'd -- that's my multitasking, trying to cram it all in at the same time as usual. Anyway, on the program there was a woman talking about things you should be doing in life to live healthy and happy. And one of her ideas was that you should have a little fun every single day.

I paused it and bleep-blooped it (that means I hit the little Tivo rewind button, sure wish I had one of those for everything in my life!!) BLEEPBLOOP. I had to listen to her say it again. And for the life of me I couldn't remember when the last time I'd had real FUN was. And the more I got to thinking on it, I could not even really decide what "fun" MEANS. What is FUN? Is it something you have to go do, like at a club? That just didn't sound fun to me. Is watching a movie on TV fun? Sometimes. But sometimes it's just something you're doing to relax or because you can't sleep. It's an activity but is it FUN?

For weeks now -- ever since I watched that TV program -- I have been thinking that the real crazytalk is how long it took me to figure out when I'd last had fun in my life. And even crazier is that I'd lost my frame of reference for one of life's most basic words: FUN!

This year my birthday resolutions list only has one item on it: Every day for the rest of my life spend at least three minutes having fun.

I picked three minutes because it seemed like a do-able amount of time to spend each day on fun. It's not so much time that you have to squeeze it into a busy schedule or worry you won't get around to it. And fun isn't supposed to be just another obligation! Obviously there will be days I can do more than three minutes but each day that's the bare minimum of FUN I want to add in. I think singing along to a favorite song or dancing in the living room is a good start. Other things I thought of: playing the laser pointer with the cats, making a house out of cards, eating watermelon. I'm not sure if the last one is fun but it is good. I believe it says a lot about the current status of my life that I had a tough time thinking of anything fun to do! That is why I know this is the only resolution I need.

Today I started by dancing in my living room to one of my favorite songs. It's just an uplifting, happy song and I danced and sang out loud to the cats. It felt great and it didn't cost anything and it really was fun!

I'm not sure what other stuff I will add to my list of fun activities ... if you have any ideas I would love to hear them! I will make a list of fun stuff to do, and that is the best list I can think of for a birthday resolution.

Posted by laurie at June 22, 2008 9:37 AM