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May 14, 2008

Thursday winner and other things.

Also, in the latest round of squash comments, I saw this from reader Linda:

Your comment about how every year you try to grow watermelon reminded me of my Mom who passed away this year. Every year she would try to grow tomatoes. Now, she lived in Daly City which is also known as foggy city and we only have five hot days per year. Most years she just grew green plants, but every once in a while she would get a tomato that would get past the green marble stage. So this year, I will continue on her great quest to grow a tomato.

Linda, I loved what you wrote. I think the reason I plant anything (I hate to break ya'lls little rhearts and tell you I don't even LIKE zucchini, but I don't really) but anyway, I am pretty sure the reason I plant things every year is just out of hope, and because my dad always had a garden.

Makes me miss my folks a little less.

Posted by laurie at May 14, 2008 11:50 AM