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May 6, 2008

Terribly ill-advised things I have done so far this month and it is only May 8th

1) Overnight express mailed a package of chocolates to my parents to an address that does not actually receive mail.

2) Purchased three pairs of shoes online in a fit of ennui and realized later that buying three pairs of shoes does not actually relieve budgetary inflation and may in fact have the opposite effect.

3) Accidentally cried at work. Nothing says, "I am a professional adult" more than crying at work. Spent the rest of the day hiding in my office feeling like a GIRL.

4) Substituted two tablespoons of Gulden's spicy brown mustard in a recipe that called for two teaspoons of dijon mustard. The dish ended up tasting like hot potato salad. BAD hot potato salad.

5) Locked my keys in my Jeep. Twice.

6) Broke into my own car to retrieve my keys. Twice.

7) Told my boss that the large Zappos box being delivered to my office was NOT shoes, it was in fact a research project evaluating Ecommerce websites and customer service for my ongoing Client Service Experience data project.

8) Interrupted my publicist during a phone call to ask if ***** is still married. He is.

9) Met a friend at a coffee shop wherein I produced from the depths of my handbag a small tupperware container of heavy cream. "They only serve half and half or skim milk here," I told her by way of explanation. "I need the creamy goodness when I am paying three bucks for a cup of coffee."

Posted by laurie at May 6, 2008 8:58 AM