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May 17, 2008

Saturday and final winner....

Congratulations from reader from Anne S. from Also I Do Not Know Where, as she has not responded yet to my email of winningness. Unless the name of her town is "@yahoo.com" which I kind of doubt. Next time I will maybe be more organized and pick winners the night before. Maybe.

But it's Saturday and hotter than heck already and I have to go get my errands done in the next little bit -- someone has no air conditioning in her vehicle, ahem -- so comments are closed because it's just too damn hot to comment. Really now!

Thanks to everyone who entered (this was fun!). I love giving stuff away so hopefully someone from some corporation out there who has stuff, like air-conditioned cars or yarn or George Clooney clones or what have you, will email me poste haste and tell me they have great stuff they are dying for me to raffle off.Heh!

Have a good weekend!

Posted by laurie at May 17, 2008 8:33 AM