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May 13, 2008

Perhaps I am poor at time management or the commute is the issue or it's because I have an unfinished list of to-do's as long as ... something very long... but truly I don't know where people get the time to do all this fancy cooking and baking and "here go out and harvest zucchini flowers then wash them and dry them carefully then make a batter and fill them and batter them and deep-fry them and after that grate some zucchini and make a whole loaf of something and also, it should be edible! Serve it with homemade something else fancy!"

My usual dinner consists of some re-heated thing I made on Sunday night. If it weren't for Sunday nights I wouldn't have anything to eat all week, except take-out or frozen crap and I really think that's bad for both the budget and the butt-size.

I like my Sundays, though, even if they aren't the maniacal June Cleaver thing it seems is happening with other women. I'm more of a kitchen visitor than a resident. During the week I have about 12 minutes of free time and I do not spend it in the kitchen making... whatever it is kitcheny people make. But on the weekends I go to the grocery store and come home and wash veggies and chop and so on, by "veggies" I usually mean a cucumber and some cauliflower, and I make my lunches up for the week and it's all pretty boring. Except on Sundays I experiment with one new dish. Last week I made a crockpot chicken curry from (book) that was pretty good, I ended up adding more curry powder later and hot sauce because I thought it was a little bland, but it was still good.

Posted by laurie at May 13, 2008 12:49 PM