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May 29, 2008

Funky Cold Medina

What I would like to speak to you about is my left leg which is at this moment bearing the brunt of my knitting "creativity."

Last year, you may not recall, I decided I would start a small, portable project that was not a sock or glove and I would take this project with me on the book tour and knit in my "downtime." Hah! Downtime!

Also, hah! Me knitting without a pattern again!

I do not know why I am compelled to dream up my own stuff instead of following a pattern like a normal human but anyway, that's probably on the same node of my DNA as "won't follow a recipe" and "invents new drinks when fresh limes are in season."

Knitting probably is supposed to be more functional and lovely than goofy or ironic but I have yet to receive that memo, because I thought the project I was called by the Knitting Gods to resurrect was THE LEG WARMER:


I thought it would be funny. Notice how my selection of self-striping yarn only increases the elephantlike nature of my gigantor-calves. Lovely!

The yarn is one of my favorites -- Patons SWS, a mix of soy and wool. And this variety stripes in a leg-widening way that accentuates my shortness of stature and wideness of ... stature.

I'm thinking I might try felting this warmer of legness and turn it into a wine cozy. I'm not sure my wine needs to be cozy, but I do know my leg needs to be un-warmed, that is certain!


- - -

One Legwarmer, if you have a leg to warm:

Cast on 72 stitches of Patons SWS using a size 10 (16") circular needle. Join stitches to knit in the round. Kind of like making a hat!

Work in Knit two, purl two ribbing for about 2.5 inches of length to create a top cuff. Switch to stockinette (that's knitting every stitch since you are working in the round.)

Work in stockinette in the round for as long as you can stand it. I worked for 13.5 inches.

Finish off with another 2.5" of knit two, purl two ribbing for the other end's cuff.

If you have skinnier legs than me this sucker will fall off in about two seconds flat. Whoops! But then again, yay you and your skinny legs. The end!

Posted by laurie at May 29, 2008 9:21 AM