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March 10, 2008

Mmmm, yarn.

Over the weekend, Faith and I went to Allison's house to hang out and eat Greek food and chitchat. Did I take any pictures of the food? No. Did I take any pictures of Allison's adorable child? No. Did I take any pictures of the three of us goofing off? No.

The only thing I brought out my camera for? YARN.

I am a sad, pathetic human.

I had no intention of drooling longingly over the SuperCrafty yarn room, but alas. We can only hope I didn't drool on anything 100% wool....

Just a tee-tiny glimpse of the Fantastic Yarn Room Of Loveliness.

Allison has tons of new yarn in, including a pretty hand-dyed hank I got a preview look at (it's not online yet, but will be soon!):


I've been doing so well budgeting my money and not buying extraneous magazines at the market and not doing retail therapy when I'm stressed out (gotta save those pennies and dimes for cheap airfares, you know...) so I swear all Scarlett-style as God is my witness that I diligently tried very, very hard not to indulge my inner yarn hoarder, but I couldn't help it. MY INNER YARN HOARDER IS REALLY BOSSY. I ended up with some Misti Alpaca chunky in this lovely blue color. But look at it, how can you resist? I think Misti Alpaca may be the softest yarn I have ever touched, I love it. I'm going to make a seed-stitch scarf out of it, Allison was making one while I was at her house and it looked so pretty and classic. (She was using a size 11 needle, knowing me I'll be knitting it on a 19 or something.) (Whatevs.)

She also had all this crazy sock yarn and I couldn't help it, I succumbed. I have never purchased sock yarn in my life, and here I am now the proud owner of two skeins of this pretty string. I say "string" because wow, it's really way smaller than my normal monster-chunky yarns. But I think it may be a good change for me, especially since the weather has warmed up and this is the time of year when I can't bear to touch wool (I sadly have two scarves languishing, waiting for me to finish... but the sun came out! How can I knit big scarves when it's 85 degrees and sunny?) (I know, it's a tragedy.)

ANYWAY. This sock yarn stuff doesn't just make stripes, it makes stripes interspersed with a pattern, how cool is that! I toyed briefly with the idea of making my first ever pair of socks, but I am much more likely to use this yarn to try creating a hat that looks like one I saw on a complete stranger a few months ago and still I can't stop thinking about that damn hat. It was like a tobaggon, but longer and slouchy and so cute. I even bought teetiny size 3 and size 4 needles!! I normally would have capped my budget on the yarn spending alone, but SuperCrafty has the best price on Addi needles ever, so I splurged. I can't tell if this column is turning into a SuperCrafty ad or a mea culpa for yarn shopping but I'm so excited about my new purchases, this is the first yarn I've bought in three or four months. So that's not too bad, is it?


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