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March 7, 2008

A love note for Patrick Swayze

Today I had planned to share with you some more misheard song lyrics, but I am pre-empting that delightful flashback with this one:

When I was in high school, me and all my friends were obsessed -- OBSESSED, I tell you -- with Dirty Dancing. We all cut our jeans off and rolled them at the knee just like the long knee-shorts Baby wore in the carrying-the-watermelons scene and we all sang "Love is Strange" to each other ("Oh Sylvia... Yes Mickey? How do you call your lover boy? Come here, lover boy!")

And later, when I was a grown woman living in California I stood in line with another completely different group of girlfriends reminiscing about "Dirty Dancing" -- this time all of us were older and wearing Ugg boots and all us gals had grown up in different parts of the country and met as adults living in Los Angeles. But we were first in line for the opening night of Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights. The movie theater was packed that night with hundreds of other women our age, hoping it would recapture some of the magic we all carried around from the first movie.

While it didn't quite measure up, I would like to inform you that when Patrick Swayze made his cameo appearance on the screen in that sequel all two hundred or so women in the audience stood up and CHEERED. We hooted and hollered and carried on in some sort of crazy tribal nobody-puts-Baby-in-the-corner frenzy.

And then there was that scene from Roadhouse, where he's doing some kind of martial arts without his shirt on? Or pretty much any scene from Roadhouse? And remember back pre-Dirty Dancing and he was in that movie Red Dawn and me and all my friends would yell, "Wolverines!"

I love you, Patrick Swayze. Get well soon.


Posted by laurie at March 7, 2008 10:30 AM