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February 7, 2008

They keep looking at you even when you try to move away....

Yesterday the building of my employment was without water. The whole building had no water, no running toilets or sinks in the offices of what appear to be something like 500,000 women all needing to pee at the same time.

Good times, I tell you what.

So on my lunch break I walked to Macy's to avail myself of their services, and that is when I discovered this:


What, people, is this a coordinated cruel joke or something?

Anyway, since I was not about to miss another opportunity to pee, I decided to wait it out while the restrooms got cleaned and that is how I found myself in the dressing room of said Macy's trying on what can only be described as another in a long line of really ill-fated blouse designs:


It's right up there with the "Nips On Fire" shirt of October 2007. I have finally decided that mass-market fashion is either drunk or crazy, or maybe both, but either way I was not it's tragic victim for one day, at least ... I walked out empty-handed. After I made use of the ladies room, of course.

But the shirt still haunts me...


The question for today is, "Will the water be back on when I arrive at work, and if not will I find myself in yet another dressing room trying on yet another shirt that is hilariously drunk and/or crazy and/or staring at me from the breastage area?"

Ah, my life. So very exciting.

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Posted by laurie at February 7, 2008 7:07 AM