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February 8, 2008

Since I have already embarrassed myself by showing my nostalgic side...

You know how sometimes out of the blue you just have this burning desire to see an old movie that you aren't sure why you need to see it, or what made you think of it, and you aren't going to share this need with anyone which is why we have Blockbuster in the first place, right? For weird spur-of-the-moment movie urges?

So one day this week I had a hankering to see an old movie from ... you know... 1992. Anyway, I walked into Blockbuster and looked all around and around and around and around (desperation began to set in) and it was nowhere to be found. I knew it had to be there, surely I was just overlooking it. (This is when a strange little spur-of-the-moment hankering for an old favorite becomes a burning desire and a quest of its own and I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHTNOW.)

Finally I realized I had to just do it, I had to walk up and ask the gal at the counter if they carry the DVD of my delightful movie choice.

Me: Um, hi. I kind of was wondering if you could look up a movie for me? But it's ... um. Kind of embarrassing?

Girl: [Looking at me sideways as you can imagine] What title are you looking for?

Me: (whispers title)

Girl: Huh? I didn't hear you.

Me: (sigh) (I give up) It's called "The Bodyguard."



Girl: Actually, I really loved that movie.

Me: Me too! I think! I can't remember but I think I loved it, and anyway I can't seem to find it on the shelf...

So she looked and we were both scandalized and outraged when we discovered that particular Blockbuster store no longer carried the classic Whitney Houston/ Kevin Costner masterpiece.

The next day I looked for it on iTunes (no luck) and I tried to get it using the Unbox downloads on Amazon.com (no siree) and yet still I could not bring myself to actually cross the Fourth Dimension Of Dorkiness and purchase the DVD of the movie so I began doing the unthinkable and calling random Blockbuster Video stores across the Valley to find one who had a copy of the movie. The movie "The Bodyguard."

And even though I was laughed at twice and shamed once because the tragically hip teenager on the phone had no idea that movie ever existed, I finally found both humiliation and success at the store in Tarzana. Ah, there is nothing finer than a quest that ends victorious in both cheesy movie fun and popcorn.

More YouTube for those of you too young, wise or highbrow to have succumbed to the fantasy ....

Have a great weekend. I will always love you. You and my bodyguard.

Posted by laurie at February 8, 2008 7:44 AM