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February 6, 2008

That ain't workin' ... that's the way you do it.

I am so happy that Al Gore, my future boyfriend, invented the internets so that other people could invent the YouTube so that I can waste time drowning in nostalgia and watching long-lost music video favorites from the eighties.

When I was a teenager, MTV was The Greatest Invention Ever. For one thing, when you live way off on the bayou or wherever you do not so much know what the fashion trends or music trends are on the very cutting edge and when I was a teenager these things were really, urgently important. So we would all pile over to Suzanne Robichaux's house after school because they had one of those ginormous SETI-like satellite dishes and we would watch MTV and carefully memorize the hairstyles, clothes and dance moves of the videos we adored.

One of my favorite music videos was by John Waite, and I would swoon every time it came on. I didn't swoon because he was a My Guy (My Guy was that delicious Nick Rhodes who was certain to marry me one day! especially if I wore my eyeliner just like he did!) (you can see why my father was not so much a fan of me watching The MTV every afternoon at Suzanne's house), but anyway, the main reason I adored that John Waite video was because it spoke to everything I wanted ... yet I'd had no idea it even existed. The blonde girl in the music video had the exact hair clothes and makeup and most importantly the house I dreamed about. In the video they have this big open loft with no walls, and everything was bubble-gum colored and there was a cat and a piano and there was something about it that spoke to me, something that made me think one day I wanted to live that exact kind of life. It was more of a feeling, I guess, of big-cities and amazing apartments and I really loved that video.

I thought that loft they lived in really existed, and that was how artistic people lived and also ... I wanted it. It gave me so much excitement about what the future might hold for me, where I might end up one day when I was grown and could drive and just be myself (ah, teenage angst!). So when I think about that video I just have this nostalgia for it. The eighties were such a hopeful time in so many ways (God I am really sitting here waxing maudlin about the eighties? Have I forgotten my hair?) but it was kind of dreamy and goofy and people were trying all kinds of crazy new things and it was a really great time to be a teenager.

Anyway, thanks Al Gore. Thanks for the enabling:

Posted by laurie at February 6, 2008 6:58 AM