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February 28, 2008

Harry Dupree

Yesterday I was driving home from the park 'n ride and listening to one of those "oldies" stations that play music from the 1980s. As if anything from the 80s can be classified as oldies! Because people, that is not old! I mean really now.

Anyway, while I was listening to this so-called "oldies" station, they played that song by Billy Ocean which today I know is titled "Caribbean Queen."

But back in the day when I was living out on the bayou and me and my friends would listen to the radio all day long and sing along with all the songs and there was no internet where you could go look up song lyrics and so on, I was certain the song was called "Harry Dupree." Harry Dupree! Now we're sharing the same dreams! And our hearts they beat as one, no more love on the run!

It must have been before my friend Suzanne and her family got that bigass satellite dish and we could go to her house and watch MTV all day because I never had any reason to think I was off-base on my song lyrics. Also, in my defense I have to inform you that in Cajun country "Harry Dupree" is not a stretch as far as names go. We often listened to songs informing us not to mess with so-and-so's toot toot, or instructing us on zydeco lovin'.

However, I was singing this song one day with one of my equally well-dressed friends (I am certain we were wearing something neon, or adorned with three belts or we had our socks up over our pants legs) and it dawned on me something was wrong with the song.

And so I asked my friend, "Why do you think he's singing this song about Harry Dupree? Singing it to another guy?" and we sat there for a moment with our thinking caps on. They were probably thinking caps from Rave.

"Well, maybe we have the lyrics to the song all wrong," she said. "If you listen real close it sounds more like he's singing it to Carrie Dupree, which makes more sense because that's a girl's name."

Indeed! THAT MADE SO MUCH MORE SENSE. And so that is how I spent the entire length of the 1980s thinking Billy Ocean was in love with Carrie Dupree.

And just for fun, on the ride home yesterday I sang it like in the good old days:

Carrie Dupree! Now we're sharing the same dreams! And our hearts they beat as one, no more love on the run!

Posted by laurie at February 28, 2008 10:08 AM