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February 12, 2008

Congrats to the lucky winner of a stack of crazy helpy books!

Clearly, we ought to do more of these free-book-giving-away things around here, that was fun! Maybe we'll have an all-chicken-soup day giveaway soon or something (it is the cold and flu season you know!) or maybe there is a whole line of astrology and mojo-juju books in the catalog that I don't know about. I love HCI for many reasons, but one of the top three is because the books are both helpful and funny. PDI, indeed! Thanks to HCI for the books and thanks to everyone who posted (and I'm not kidding about doing this again, certainly there are even more profoundly funny book titles I have yet to meet.)

So, using high-tech mathematical randomization ("Pick a number between one and 280...") and drawn completely at random, the winner is lucky Jan who posted in the morning and in a SHOCKING twist of circumstances, not only have I already alerted her BUT I have already taken the box to the post office. (!!!) It even includes chocolate, because you know ... VD and all. I am kind of scaring myself with the amount of on-top-of-things going on around here today. Usually I am seventeen weeks behind on everything. Congratulations, Jan!

But I am not really that on top of things. The only one around here really on top of anything is The Great Sobakowa:


She is not letting anyone on the toy. Do you think they have a book about PDI cats?

Posted by laurie at February 12, 2008 8:09 AM