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February 1, 2008

Beret update

1) I measured and I am getting three stitches to the inch on the regular stockinette portion using the Lion Brand Landscapes yarn version of this beret.


2) It is actually cold enough in the fine city of angels to wear all my hats at one time! If it is cold enough for condensation to make ice, it is cold enough for a hand-knit item or four:

Poor traffic monkey is cold.

3) Also, a kind commenter pointed out that I used the wrong words to describe the type of stitch increase I used, which I am sure is 100% true as I am not a professional, cannot seem to follow a pattern and often knit under the influence. However, in my defense I included links to a video that showed how to do it, explained in text how I made this terribly misunderstood and misnamed stitch, and really now that I think about it I am not sure how else you say "make one extra stitch by knitting into the front and back of a stitch" when you want to you know... make one extra stitch by knitting through the front of it and the back of it. Maybe you call it "make magic with whoopee stitch love." I do not know! I think I am going to stop knitting altogether and take up badminton and really mess with people.

Actually, on a side note, I once knew a guy who told me he had been completely scarred by the game of badminton. He was a super-smart engineering geek guy, very cute, and he told me how he took badminton as his health requirement in college because of all the sports it seemed the easiest. You see why we were friends (also, I took roller skating for my requirement, this girl knows how to keep her GPA in Type A territory.) Anyway, come to find out the guy who was teaching my friend's badminton class actually wrote the book on badminton. No, really -- he wrote the official rule book and was apparently a complete badminton purist and enforcer. My poor friend almost ruined his GPA over... badminton. He was angry about it even ten years later.

Maybe I won't take up badminton after all. Maybe I'll take up making magic with stitch whoopee love.

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Posted by laurie at February 1, 2008 8:30 AM