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January 23, 2008

Just the fax, ma'am

1) There were winners!


That's Jim on the left and Suzanne there on the right, lucky winners of the sweepstakes who flew out to California and met me for brunch and then attended the book reading and a good time was had by all!

I also have a picture of me rubbing Suzanne's head so I might get some of her lucky winner vibes, but it looked like I was molesting her hair. So anyway.

And later that night I got to hang with Grandma, who does everything in her power to thwart me taking a cute picture of us:


But she's cute all the same.

2) No More Pictures ... except x-rays

I would post more pictures and maybe even write something witty and coherent about all that day's events except I found myself at Dr. Feelgood's office yesterday not feeling good at all, thankyouverymuch, and suffering the indignity of the dreaded paper gown as I walked the green mile to the tomb of X-Rays where it was discovered that I do not have tuberculosis or bird flu or SARS or pneumonia. I have bronchitis. Which was weird because yesterday I felt bad, you know, but to be honest I have had hangovers worse than that (ah, the ol' smoking days of yore when I actually got smoke hangovers... those of you who like a smoke with your tipple know of what I speak.) Anyway, I had not been smoking in my sleep or otherwise, and I feel very mad that my bronchial area would betray me when I have babied it by not smoking for well over a year. Stupid betraying body. This morning I woke up feeling like an 11-ton gorilla was lying on my chest, and I looked up expecting to see Bob and it was... nothing! Just phantom air!

But I have drugs and the miracle mixture of thera-flu and Jack Daniels. All should be well soon.

3) Heath Ledger
I have to say I was a huge Heath fan, it started with that movie "10 Things I hate About You" and carried on from "The Patriot" to everything else he's been in. It's so awful, he wasn't even 30 years old.

It's strange because I always think to myself, "Oh, I'll do that tomorrow..." or "I'll go on vacation next year..." or "I really will try to see my family more often..." or whatever it is, you always think you have all the time in the world. And you don't.

That's it for the news. I'm going back to bed. Bob is really happy about this turn of events ... he loves naptime all day long!

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