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December 14, 2007

Winter Wondering-What-That-Is Land

This morning there was a strange, cold, white substance encrusting my jeep:


Frost in the valley, ya'll! Break out all your handknit items, STAT! It was very exciting, I ran back inside for a wool roll-brim hat, a bigger, heftier scarf and gloves. The gloves are leather (not hand-knit) but I found them a few years ago in the dead heat of summer on clearance at Bloomie's. They were approximately one billion perfect off the regular tag or I probably would never have bought them, buttery soft black leather lined with cashmere and I love them enough to want to marry them. People scoffed at me then, buying cashmere-lined gloves in 118 degree weather. But I knew! I knew a day would come when ants could ice skate on my Jeep's little canvas rooftop!

If you were an ant, you could do a sit-spin on that roof.

We have weather! It's very exciting. Now it feels like Christmas.

Posted by laurie at December 14, 2007 9:08 AM