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December 28, 2007

Tonight gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf and just enjoy yourself....

For those of us working shmoes who've slogged through the week feeling like we should be lying on the sofa eating chocolate and watching reruns and yet instead we find ourselves commuting to work each day with other people who apparently have no freeway driving experience and are on vacation from places where the left lane is the breakdown lane, I would like to say thank you to anyone who can make me laugh:


I got a good chuckle out of that one.

2) Grandma gives her two cents...
According to my grandma, Gene Kelly was considered a great entertainer and a great dancer and one of the more masculine dancers of the day, but not really a heartthrob or anything. She agreed with me on my assessment of Gregory Peck, too. And that was before I started pouring the champagne!

3) Faith's Birthday
Faith's birthday was on December 23rd, and a bunch of us got together for brunch at a great restaurant at Universal Citywalk, I think it's called the Saddle House or something. They had good biscuits!

I always feel bad for folks who have their birthday in December because I think they get a short shake of the presents stick, but that is because I am a June baby and I like my year divided in nice equal halves. heh. I forgot to ask Faith if her birthday ever got shorted by Hanukkah. Anyway, we had fun and I can't believe all of us are starting to have birthdays again, I'm frankly not sure if I like this trend!

Me & the birthday girl!

Kristen with Justin

Me & Allison

Shannon and Faith with baby Mia, who is getting so grown up!

4) Everyone is pondering their fuzzy navels...

And finally, as this year draws to an end, I'm trying to think through what changes I'd like to make for next year and what new adventures, experiences and shoes I would like to add to my life. Yup, it is New Year's Resolutions time!

I love making a list that sets the theme for the year. Last year I decided that I would never, ever go on a diet again and that single change has made my life so much better ... it's been both harder and easier than I expected, and now I'm interested to see where next year takes me. I've definitely gotten better at accepting myself the way I am. I'd like to be a little better at accepting others the way they are, too, and be more forgiving and compassionate when I feel betrayed or hurt by someone. When I feel someone has done me wrong or been a bad friend, I tend to be really unforgiving. It's not a good quality, but it's a defense mechanism -- I guess I thought it was the only way not to get hurt again.

I'd like to learn how to be better than that, and learn how to both let go of hurt feelings and at the same time have good boundaries in place. (Is it possible to be kind and not be a doormat? Yes, I think it is possible. I want to learn this.) And I want to really learn that you can't change people, you can only change yourself. Sure I have heard this cliche' my whole life, but there's a big difference between hearing something and really really understand something. All you can change or control are your actions, your life, your responses, your behavior, your boundaries. It's actually kind of a relief! I have enough work trying to change myself, Lord knows I can't change other people, too. People are going to do what they want to do. I want to really learn to accept it, and stop wishing things were different. Just live in what is, that sounds so good to me.

And in 2008 I want to keep my house mostly-always tidy so that I don't have to spend hours cleaning up and putting things away before someone can drop by. Mainly this is a clutter issue. I still have more clutter than I want in my life and house, so that has GOT TO GO. I want to spend 2008 in a clean, tidy house so that I don't have to panic before guests arrive and a lot of that is just getting rid of the final mountain of clutter in my spare room/office/dumping ground. What a relief it will be to be able to have people over anytime without worrying if I have time to deep-clean the house. This may mean I have to get rid of more stuff I was holding onto and didn't want to part with... but it will be worth it. It is time to let go.

Re-reading this, I guess my pondery listing all has to do with clearing out the old stuff and making clear paths to the new things I want! I definitely want a life that is less cluttered with junk -- both physical and emotional junk. Just the pure, simple, good stuff, that's what I want more of. This past year was full of amazing great things and some very sad things, too. I want to learn from them both and make 2008 a happy year, more balanced, clearer. I want to hold onto more living and let go of loss with a little more grace.

Lest you think I am a sole crazy person over here in my asylum of self-help, I'm not the only one at Chez Ponders With Wine to be gazing off into the future and looking for more catnip and less smelly clumps....




Happy Last Friday of 2007 to you. Can you believe it is almost a whole new year? I'm really happy about it even though it does seem 2007 passed spookily fast. I am excited to try all sorts of new things, new experiences, new places and new shoes. And I am really ready to clear out the junk for good. Can you sell a matched 32-piece set of emotional Louis Vuitton luggage at a yard sale? What would a drama wallet fetch these days, anyway?

Hope you have a good weekend. Go off and ponder with a nice cabernet!

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