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December 18, 2007

The space-time continuum comes to a grinding halt because WATER falls from SKY makes PERIL. End transmission.

Dear normal humans who have things like "snow,"

Are you aware that I live in the WEIRDEST CITY on the ENTIRE PLANET of Earth? This is still Earth, yes? And not some weird parallel LosAngeleMars where people do things such as HONK because ... OH GOD IT IS RAINING NOW WE DIE.

Anyway, traffic. People running into the vehicles in front of them, people losing the ability to navigate under torrential sprinkling, WILL THE PAPARAZZI BE ABLE TO GET A CLEAR SHOT OF BRITNEY AT THE STARBUCKS WITH THIS AWFUL WEATHER?

The world stops spinning on its axis, welcome to Los Angeles in the rain. Later someone's house will be sitting on a canyon road somewhere.

Your friend,

- - - - -

Exhibit A: PUDDLE


Posted by laurie at December 18, 2007 9:51 AM