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December 28, 2007

Party like it's 1999 ...

I love New Year's Eve! Later maybe I will make a party hat out of some post-it notes and a noisemaker from some interoffice mail envelopes and paper clips!

Oh, hi. I am working today.

But usually on holiday-eve days we get to leave early, that's always nice. And of course this morning I have been pondering my list, not that I haven't talked about it for like two solid weeks or anything. Geez with the listing.

New Year 2008 To-Dos and To-Dont's


Continue good path of saving money


Maintain a clean and tidy house most of the time so that people can come over without me needing to kill myself scrubbing and stacking up boxes in "neater" piles.

Get rid of remaining clutter.

Make a list for the landlord of everything that is wrong. Insist it gets fixed asap. (I am actually doing this one today and sending it in along with my rent check! Yay me!)

Make and keep dentist appointments

See Doctor for checkup

Order new contact lenses

Get the all the cats to the vet for teeth cleaning

Get brakes checked on Jeep

Figure out why the CD player stopped working

Go on three trips or better this year (I just discovered that France banned all smoking in cafes and clubs and restaurants just like here in California! This makes me happy. I love Paris more than any other city on earth besides L.A. and I have wondered if I'd backslide into some le smoking if I ever visited again. Now -- le not!)

Visit my parents

Sort out my email issues once and for all

Do a redesign of this website

Maybe consider doing horoscopes again, but in a newsletter format instead of online so people only get them if they want them (thereby eliminating the "I hate you and your fauxrcastthis month" issues.)

Do that exotic thing they call exercise

Eat more vegetables

Complete two big projects this year.

Learn to use my new camera (the old one broke and I literally have it duct-taped together.) Love you duct tape!)


Create limits where needed and maintain ones that are working.

Be less harsh on myself. Remember that sometimes it's okay to be a weirdo.

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