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December 4, 2007

I'm only two days behind....

Sunday at Compatto Yarn Salon was so much fun! I wasn't expecting such a big turnout but we had a great crowd and there were lots of friendly faces. You can see all the pictures on my Flickr site, but here are a few...

First, Allison and I met for brunch at IHOP and both of us were happily surprised to find that IHOP has a "healthy" menu! We both ended up ordering coffee (decaf for her, leaded for me) and Boca burgers and salad. The whole meal -- a veggie burger and a side salad -- was less than six bucks and less than six hundred calories, so I will be returning to IHOP again. And maybe again. It was good!

Then we walked over to Compatto where we were greeted by the Yarn Guard Dog, Gracie:


Allison and I checked out the shop before the reading and they have some of the cutest hand-knits on display:


It was so much fun, I don't know if I have just relaxed more with time and practice or if in general I'm just not as stressed out, but I had a great time on Sunday hanging out with knitters and friends both old and new! It was especially nice to see friendly faces in the crowd, like Ellen Bloom:


And Ana Banana:


And Brit was there, and two friendly gals who came all the way from Antelope Valley were there, and the staff of Compatto were all so warm and welcoming, it was just the perfect way to spend a Sunday.


While I was there I got to meet a lady who handed me her book to sign and she said, "Do you see all the dog-eared pages? Those are pieces that meant something to me, that really said something that spoke to me." And I looked at her copy of the book and there were so many dog-eared pages and it was just a little gift she gave me that day, telling me that. I thank you, wherever you are today. It reminds me that even though I get nervous beforehand and worry I won't do well and blah blah blah, this isn't about me and my issues... it's about meeting other women just like me who finally, blessedly understand.

It's strange going from a lifetime of always feeling a little apart from the world to finally feeling a real sense of being plugged in, knowing that there are other folks out there just like us. It's crazy comforting to know that.

The next event I have on my calendar is scheduled for January 19th, 2008 (two-thousand-eight!!!) it's a Saturday afternoon at:

BORDERS -- 1:00 PM (Reading & signing)
25222 El Paseo
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: 949.367.0005
Click here for a map -->

I hope you can drop by! I'm bringing my grandma, and hopefully my Aunt Pam can come by, too, and of course that is the reading where I get to meet the Big Time Fancypants Sweepstakes Winner!

If you haven't entered to win the Big Time Meet-Me-In-California Sweepstakes, you should enter today! Also did you know you can enter once every single day, which ups your statistical chances of winning, you know. Plus there are also Bonus Entries and you get an extra entry in the pot for each bonus you complete.

Already a whole bunch of folks have won such exciting gifts as... drumroll please... SIGNED Cheetos (and a book, too, of course.) I in fact spent Sunday after my event at Compatto signing Cheetos, because that is the glamorous life I lead ya'll. But I do hope you enter the sweepstakes and come visit me in California, it's not too shabby a place to visit in January, you know!

Also: Hello, local readers. Are any of ya'll Yoga Instructors? Or do you work at a yoga place either in the Valley or somewhere in Los Angeles? If so, will you email me? Thanks! Namaste! And you know... oooom!

That's all for today. I am almost caught up on my life. I am only two to seven days behind now, which is a vast improvement over the twenty-three day lag I was experiencing last week!

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