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December 10, 2007

Hello and Monday

I had a weird weekend, and also I had a pretty good celebrity sighting. I was in Whole Foods carefully scrutinizing baking potatoes when I saw this guy:

I stole this picture from the internets.
I did not photograph him in Whole Foods.

I just looked up and there was Beau Bridges, right across from me, checking out the cauliflower or something. His eyebrows are just as fuzzy in real life. Seeing celebrities in person is so strange, because you do a double-take, like "Do I know that guy?" and then you realize that no, you do not know that person, but in fact have watched "The Fabulous Baker Boys" one thousand times and you are staring at a celebrity. Stop looking. Now.

Also, doesn't school let out soon so the traffic will be less insane?

Also, why do cats only want to eat the expensive ornaments?

Also, hello! Happy Monday!

Posted by laurie at December 10, 2007 9:24 AM