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November 21, 2007

Thank you!

Hi ya'll! I won't be online at all tomorrow -- Grandma has no innernets you know. But I have been thinking all day of the many things I am unbelievably thankful for -- and I have to say, it's pretty great to have a single day of the year where you eat yourself into a new pants size and think through all the true things that you are blessed with.

There's my whole big crazy, lovely family. My friends, oh my friends. My cozy herd of felines. Enough food on the table, a roof over my head, cute shoes. Bras with padding. A year in my life that has no match in any way, unbelievable.

And I'm thankful for you, each and every person who has given me a little kindness, each person who has made me laugh, made me think, just said hey on a stressful day. Those hugs, when we met in person -- thank you for that. I never in a million years imagined I would be able to connect with other people like this, I'm so awkward sometimes in real life and introverted and goofy. And shiny. You know? But somehow in words, on paper, it makes sense. It worked, it connected us. If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would "know" more people online than I do in real life, and feel infinitely happy to know them, I would have shown them the door. I would never have believed such a thing was possible. I have learned to believe in the unthinkable.

I thank you for your time, for checking in on your busy days, for reading over coffee, or with a cat on your lap, or a baby on your hip. Thank you for sharing your lives with me, too. Thank you so much.

And of course, thank you for cats in sweaters!

This image needs to be the cover of a movie. It is AMAZING. Thank you for sharing it Lindsey and Sax the Cat!

How did Lucy manage to get the cat to sit still for this? I would be in the hospital with cat scratch fever at this point...

I am so happy about the overwhelming nuttiness and response to the photo gallery, and I thank each an every one of you who participated.

Don't forget to enter the big time fancypants Book-Readin', Wine-Drinkin', Meet-Me-In-California Sweepstakes! There are winners each day (OK, a signed book and some, um, signed Cheetos! hee.) And already we have two winners! I was real up-front with the sponsors of this sweepstakes that they had to post the winners' names because I am Southern, and that makes us suspicious of sweepstakes with no winners' names POSTED CLEARLY for everyone and their uncle to see. (I do not know if being Southern is really any part of that at all, by the way, it could possibly just be my eccentricity but I choose to blame it on cultural upbringing, because I am all about blame. And winners!)

You can see the winners list here. Yes, there is yet another goofybutt video of some cracker yammering on. I know, I know. But what I don't know is why is my forehead so scrunchy? And why can't I talk normal without so many... expressions? Lord have mercy.

And thank you again, thank you. I owe every bit of this to you, who kept reading even when my forehead was weirdly scrunchy.

And thanks for not killing your owner in her sleep, man.
At least I think she's alive... right? yes?

Posted by laurie at November 21, 2007 1:46 PM