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November 23, 2007

My pants are tight

Thanksgiving was great!

It started out a little rocky, something icky happened Wednesday before I got on the road so I was all emotional and dorky, then traffic was CRAZY and then this guy tried to kill me and a bunch of other people on the 5 Freeway with his whacked out drunk driving:


Can you tell in the picture he is giving me the finger? Yes, he nearly caused a sixteen-car-pileup and HE is giving ME a gesture. Awesome!

Normally I just laugh at bad drivers, or give them scabies with my mind powers. But this guy was horribly dangerous, weaving in and out of nearly stopped traffic and driving on the shoulder, so I called 911 just like all the signs say to report a drunk driver. He had to be drunk, no one can possibly be that stupid while sober!

Unfortunately, they kept me on hold waiting for an operator for over 20 minutes and by then I had to exit the parking lot ("freeway") and since I have a stick shift, unless I am in park ("again, "freeway") it's not safe to drive and hold a phone. So I had to hang up. Also, isn't it reassuring to know 911 will keep you on hold for 20 minutes? But I have photographic evidence of the bad guy, and that is somehow comforting.

By the time I got to Orange County I needed a drink and some carbs, STAT. In case no one else was ready with food, I brought all the traditional Thanksgiving necessities:


I brought the traditional Thanksgiving goldfish crackers, an assortment of traditional pickles, the festive holiday WINE, the traditional Boston baked beans. And of course the feasting of Star magazine.


Grandma, you are so awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!


My mom and I having a laugh. We had the best time!


Me neck-hugging my dad, I missed you so much.

Seeing my family is the best for so many reasons. For one thing they don't think my germ weirdness is weird at all. Also, they get my jokes (we tend to all have the same sense of humor.) What is not shared by the whole family, however, is the ability to cook. I myself have not had a working oven since November of 2005. Has it deterred me? Nosiree. I generally make elaborate meals such as "salad from a bag" and "potato baked in microwave."

But my dad is what you would call a gourmet amazing cook. He can make any four ingredients into some kind of delicious out-of-this-world meal. (My brothers also got this gene, me ... not so much.) My father also travels with his master tools ... much like a doctor travels with his doctor bag, my father travels with a bag of spices and cooking essentials.




The man travels with gumbo file. How can you not love him? How do you expect me to fit in my jeans when food that good is being made???

We had a big Thanksgiving meal of enchiladas, rice, chili and beans. I even learned how to make enchiladas, under my dad's supervision of course!



That pan where I am lifting the tin foil is the pan I made! They were the best tasting enchiladas, I am sure of it.

And because I am spoiled rotten, and because my dad makes THE best cornbread dressing on the planet and it's my favorite food, he made me a whole turkey and a whole pan of dressing to take home, which is what I plan to eat for every meal from now until you have to roll me off the sofa and force me onto a treadmill. I loved Thanksgiving, best day ever. I had to change into my pajama pants for the drive home because my jeans did not fit, and that is a sign of an excellent day.

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! Oh, and don't forget to enter the sweepstakes, winners are chosen each day to receive a book and some other crazy thing such a a signed lint roller or some such. The lady who was the mastermind of the sweepstakes is hilarious, I can't wait for you to meet her if you win the grand prize. Also check out the updated list of winners here. And some people said the link to the rules was broken and since I do not have any control over the sweepstakes, I cannot fix it. As a control enthusiast, you know this makes me insane. But here is a link to the rules, too. Yes, with yet even another weird scrunchy forehead video. Obviously the camera not only adds pounds, it adds ... scrunchies.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

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