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November 2, 2007

Knitters Gone Wild

Lest you think that knitters are a bunch of stodgy, buttoned up little ladies, may I present to you the following:

1) Bridget, who is a real bonafide rocket scientist, in a corset she made herself:


2) Ellen, a crochet and knit UFO (Unfinished Object and also, UFO...) along with Natalie, a Crochetlien:


3) My favorite costume of the night -- Monkeygurrl as The Dreat Pirate Swatch!


4) Some goober trying to be a yarn pimp getting cozy with Jenna as Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy K:


5) And the most crazy costumes of the night -- so real! -- Sara and Richard came as "New Parents" and somehow found the cutest prop baby ever!


Last night was the annual Stitch 'n Bitch Halloween party, and since it fell on the day after Halloween it was also a Dia de Los Muertos party, and the costumes were amazing and the snacks were delicioso and a good time was had by all, including these two:


That's Jennifer and Laurel. Does Laurel look familiar? Perhaps that is because I first met her last month... in Katy, Texas at the Yarntopia event!!

That's Laurel and me in Katy, Texas.

Laurel happened to be in town visiting her sister Jennifer, who oddly enough lives about a mile from where I lived back when I was married. NUTTY. I had a ball talking to them and I hope they had fun at our Stitch 'n Bitch, Scary Edition. It's funny because usually I never dress up for these events, but for some reason I really wanted to be The Yarn Pimp this year (an inspired idea that came from a mimosa-drenched afternoon with Faith, Allison and Cory.) And I almost didn't even go last night because I am so tired these days and also, sometimes I am a weenie about going places, but I made myself promise this year (it was a New Year's Resolution) to stop cancelling on stuff, and to just go for one hour, or ten minutes, whichever comes first (because with me it's just that first moment, walking into a place, then I relax and have fun) and I am so happy I got over myself and went because we had fun and I even won one of the prizes in the costume voting!!! I about fell over!! Especially because the prize was AWESOME, a hand-made bag from the incredibly talented Crochetlien herself, Natalie, and filled with goodies from Ellen and A Mano yarn shop.

Faith, Monkey and moi, all weiners... I mean, winners!

It was a great night! I have a lot more I want to say about it, and all kinds of stories to tell you, and if there weren't this little thing called "real job" I would indeed fill your ears but I have to go and make up for being not at work and so until I get my head back attached to my body, check out the pictures which at this time are still uploading and have no captions, see "need to earn money for rent, be back on the internet fooling around soon enough." Also there I believe you will see many fine pictures of me making what I thought was a pimp face which apparently includes some weird fish-lips thing. Lord have mercy. I am so not cut out to be a pimp. My parents are likely happy at that news.

Have a great weekend! And watch out for the Dread Pirate Swatch!

Posted by laurie at November 2, 2007 11:24 AM