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November 16, 2007

I am blinded by the cat sweaters...

Have you been anxiously awaiting images of animals in ponchos, hats and legwarmers?

Well, I wanted to post the winners today but I am still waiting on responses from two of the winners. I am not complaining, though ... it gives me time to finish the web photo gallery! And believe me, I need it. I am back to being a week and a half behind on my life. It is very fun. It makes it very exciting, such as when someone calls you for an interview and you are thinking we are still in October. Whoopsy!

But this sweepstakes we did is hee-larious. All I have to say is that the pets of the world did not go nekkid this autumn. OH NO THEY DID NOT.

We should make this an annual event, don't you think? And also I should clone myself in the future to make good on promised web showcase galleries on time. By the way, whether or not the winners respond back to me over the weekend, you'll see the whole entire gallery on Monday along with the list of selected winners (because I myself always want to know who wins things, especially since I have yet to win at the McDonald's Totally Rigged Monopoly Game) but wait -- I have even better news!

A real company with real money is actually sponsoring a new sweepstakes for readers of this here website in which you do not have to do any of the following:

• knit
• get attacked by your cat for forcing a sweater on his/her body and publicly humiliating him/her
• ditto for dogs
• also, for children
• and also birds and ferrets. Ya'll have got to see these entries, I mean really now.

For the Brand New Totally More Expensive Sweepstakes sponsored by Obviously Not Me, you do not in fact have to do anything at all but enter a sweepstakes form and the grand prize is so good I tried to rig it so that I can win, but alas. My unbroken losing streak shall remain unbroken. For now!

Full details on Monday. Oh, it's a doozy. You might even get to meet me... I am just suggesting is all...

Cat sweater optional!

Posted by laurie at November 16, 2007 4:09 PM