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November 19, 2007

Cats in sweaters, cats in hats, dogs in pants. The winners are announced! Plus: A new Sweepstakes!

Have you been waiting anxiously for photos of cats in sweaters, cats in hats, ferrets in sweaters, parrots in scarves and dogs in legwarmers? Oh! and let us not forget the children, chickens, rabbits and assorted household items wearing handknits, too!

It's the Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Sweater Sweepstakes Gallery!

This was possibly the most hard work and the most fun I have ever had combined! The cat sweater entries took about five years off my life to sort and upload into a gallery, but it is finally as complete as it ever will be and you can see the photo gallery here.

In fact, I got so deep into the cat sweater underworld that I started dreaming of these creations. Over the weekend I had this vivid, scary dream that the winner was getting a prize that somehow involved opening a new restaurant with Gordon Ramsay. You see, I have been watching episodes of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares to de-stress at night, with wine, after uploading cat sweater pictures for hours and hours and I somehow combined the two in a dream and I woke up and sat dead upright in bed, freaking out because I SO had not cleared that prize with the legal department and also, I do not know Gordon Ramsay. Shiite!

Then I realized it was just a dream. Then I realized I must have fallen asleep, which is good, since that is not something I have been doing a lot lately. Also, then I realized that possibly I am crazy.

However, if I am crazy I am in good company! I cannot help but wonder how much catnip and anti-bacterial medication and band-aids might have been involved in some of these photos. I have never seen such awesomeness, however! And I am happy to announce all three winners.... drumroll please...

The two winners of the random drawings for a book and a $100 gift certificate to SuperCrafty.com are:

Inky of Inkyknits.blogspot.com


Christine Landry at christinelandry.com


And now for the big BIG Grand Prize winner ... she'll receive a whole basket of goodies and a signed book and a $100 gift certificate to SuperCrafty.com ...



Eve in Texas, you are a winner.

Eve had this to say about her creation:

Cat needed a versatile sweater that could take her from her daytime napping duties into her more glamorous evening activities such as... ummm... napping. A small addition of marabou to the cuff and collar of this classic sweater gave her just the right look for all the upcoming holiday parties.

And the yarn has just the right amount of sparkle to catch the eye of that Tom who's been coming around lately.

Eve in Texas

The only thing really wrong with this sweepstakes is that I could not give out 40,000 prizes to all those who entered! Please keep in mind that if you do not see your entry photos, it was likely because any number of tragic things occurred to your email as gnomes hand-delivered it through the mysteries of the innernets OR the pictures were not attached. I got many many entries with no pictures attached!

I hate to admit it but I do that all the time at work. I'll write up a big huge very official email with tons of important details about the attachment(s) and forget to actually attach the attachment(s). Then I have to write a follow-up email that says, "Um, totally helps if I attach the very well-explained attachment! Whoopsy!"

I am very professional.

However, because this was MY sweepstakes, all entries (even the unreadable ones and the ones with no images) were eligible to win from the random drawings. Of course, the ones without images were not eligible for the gallery. If you do not see your image in the gallery, I apologize in advance. Please do not dispair, as we will have more opportunities in the future for dressing up our animals and I will make sure there is a more fool-proof entry form (ahem).

All winners are chosen at random by me and all winners are final. As you may recall, this sweepstakes was open to all people in the world. Including those with loose definitions of "cats" and "sweaters" and it was so much fun! The entries are amazing, I hope you will go look at them all, each photo has information about the project and the mastermind of said creation.

We had cats in amazing sweaters:


Cats in hats and sweaters:


Dogs in pants:


Parrots in scarves:


Children in cat sweaters:


And I am sure a good time was had by all.
Well, OK.
Maybe not by ALL:


I learned many many things from doing this fun little sweepstakes.

1) I like it when people win things.

2) Cats and dogs and animals in sweaters are funny.

3) Ya'll crack me up.

4) Spam is a problem that makes me want to never go onto the internet again. You cannot imagine the spam. It was so bad the server company's tech support team had to help me divide up all the inboxes. Yikes!

And I think if we decide to do this again next year, I should find some magical person to build me one of those database thingies so that you can upload your entries all on your own and then we'll close the sumbmissions and for two weeks the whole world gets to vote on your creations. And we should do a calendar, because this stuff is PRICELESS! Maybe all the proceeds could benefit a pet charity, like one who gives psychological counseling to the poor animals after said sweepstakes.

I could use a therapist now, mom.

And finally, the most important thing I learned is that I am clearly not staffed for such an endeavor (my three cats, sadly, are poor internet specialists) and for real big big sweepstakes... a real company who is (really) staffed and has people and money should run such an undertaking.

Which is exactly what is happening!!

That's right... a real, actual bonafide big-time super chi-chi sweepstakes is taking place. I'm not sponsoring it myself, either, which means you won't get any weird "My gnome ate my email entry" excuses, either.

So, without any more blabbering....

It's the Book-Readin', Wine-Drinkin', Meet-Me-In-California Sweepstakes!

Enter to win a fully paid trip for two to Los Angeles to meet me (sorry, Heidi Klum wasn't available, I'm her stand-in) (HAH HAH) and come to a book reading and get driven around in a fancy car and if you pass the background check, I will even hang out with you for a while! Maybe with wine!


One entry per person (per email address) per day. You can also get bonus entries in all sorts of crazy ways, just read through the site. As you can see from the um, design, I am not in charge of this sweepstakes. I am just the goon in the videos. I am trying to release my need to control all things designy at all times.

Oh yeah, and about the videos. Please be kind. It is not easy being me and the camera really does add fifty pounds and wrinkles. And weird facial expressions. And apparently I cannot talk without my hands.

But ya'll know what? I just love sweepstakes. I have never won a darn thing in my life, but just being associated with people who do win makes me happy. I hope you'll enjoy the Big Big Time Sweepstakes, it runs from now until December 21, 2007. And I hope it makes up for any cat sweaters that got lost in the mail. Or cats who are right now plotting my imminent death for dreaming up such a thing....


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