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November 1, 2007

Back in the land of the cat herd! Plus: Nashville, Franklin, Charo and As God Is My Witness I will never watch that one show again ever.

So, I didn't mean to string ya'll on about the possibly cute/possibly trampy shirt I had to wear on my final night in Nashville, but I couldn't post a link to it or a picture ahead of time because it was the last clean outfit I had left (I had one casual thing for wearing on the plane and for the events of the following day, but nothing else left for fancypants book store speaking) and so if ya'll had said ahead of time that I looked like a velvet-cutout-wearing hooker I would have had no ability time or wherewithal to buy a new outfit and would have either had to cancel the event or show up in a bathrobe from the hotel. It is best under such circumstances to just assume everyone will think you're wearing a tribute to Porter Wagoner, rest in peace, and then if the choice was indeed a lapse of fashion judgment you just make jokes about it later.


That is me with Laura, who was my best friend in high school and she has not changed one bit, she has no wrinkles, hasn't gained an ounce and is still funny and gorgeous and smart and lovely. It was so wonderful to see her again, I have missed her smiling face. And that is me in a velvet-net thing by Karen Kane but I can't find a link to that shirt anywhere on the internet so I have now given up. You failed me, internet. Just this once.

Nashville was so much fun, I cannot believe how many people showed up from my high school! I went to high school in Columbia, TN and this is Chris Grissom and his pretty wife Stephanie and their two kids, Jeremiah and Danielle:

A family with the Surname "Cuteness."

Chris and I have been friends since we were fourteen. It is crazy how old everyone is, except me of course, who refuses to accept the idea that we are nearing our 20th high school reunion. THEY maybe graduated almost 20 years ago but surely I can fib and say it was just eleventeen years for me? Yes?

Also what's funny about that is since I have been living in airplanes and finding it challenging to get water into my body, my skin is a wrinkled scary mess and up close I look a hundred and forty. In the pictures you can't see it though so it's all good. Thank God for no high-def picture taking. Now ya'll see why I like my measly three megapixels? No wrinkles!

And one of the most exciting moments in the evening was seeing these folks:

That's Dollie on the left and her husband Mike (Man About Murfeesboro) on the right, two friends I went to college with and I was so excited to see them! They knew me back when I was the biggest goobernut sorority bowhead on the planet. I loved seeing them, they are amazing people and I am happy to know them. Thank you so much for coming to the reading!

The next day I got to visit Threaded Bliss, a fabulous yarn shop in Franklin, TN where I am happy to say I acquired many colors of soft alpaca yarn. (This is a pricey thing, visiting pretty yarn shops. I am too tempted. Shopping ensues.)

This is Dana, who owns the store:

She was so warm and lovely, thank you Dana for having me over!

Look how cute this yarn shop is, you can see why I was tempted... so many colors... so much yarn ... so little time...


There are tons of pictures of Nashville and Franklin on my new Flickr site that I just love. Click here to view them. What a good invention. Why did I wait so long to get on the bandwagon? Why am I not an early adopter of bandwagondishness?

On the way back to Los Angeles, we had a major cootchie-coo celeb sighting ...


Yes, that is CHARO. She was on my flight. There was also a drunk woman in coach who kept trying to get to Charo in first class and you can imagine how much fun that was to watch. I love drunk people, but maybe not so much on airplanes. Finally I got home and at 11 p.m. (!) did a radio interview in Canada where I was so punchy from tiredness and yes, airplane wine, that I believe I said, "I love Canadians! I love Canadia! I went to the big lobster!"

I love the radio interviews, they are way fun and you can do them while holding a glass of wine in one hand and a cat in the other. I missed my cats. Poor Bob has been attached to me like fur to a lint roller since I got home, he apparently spent the whole week hiding from anyone who wasn't me. Bob has changed so much, he still isn't in love with other people, but now he's so much more affectionate and nutty about me, I just love it. It used to be that I had a cat named Roy and Roy had a cat named Bob, but since Roy left us I am now the recipient of Bob's attention and secretly it makes me so happy that he comes out from his lair just for me.

Being the cat's favorite human is revered status. Ya'll know.

And then because I couldn't sleep before knowing who got the axe on Dancing With The Stars, I forwarded to the very end of the Tivo'd results show and that is when I pulled a Scarlett and declared that As God Is My Witness, I will never watch that show again. How could cute Sabrina Bryan get voted off? She was the clear winner. I hate that show. I hate reality television. Also, I feel the need to apologize to Sabrina, because as soon as I pick a favorite on any of these shows they get voted off. This particular one is the worst, though, because I think the show is clearly fixed. They never post the amounts of so-called votes and also they obviously have been paid by All My Children to keep Cameron there for ratings and good chest viewing opportunities. Not that I don't love me some Cameron, but I am so mad at that TV show and I am finished with it. Done, finito, never to be spoken of again.

I'm back home now for a few days and so happy to sleep in my own bed and get back to the very important work of taking cat pictures and avoiding the zucchini. Which are still growing. But there are also other (less frightening) things still growing, too, like this bushelful of basil:


I may not have a future filled with celebrity dancing shows, but I do see pesto in my future.

So good to be home!

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