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October 9, 2007

Tuesday Top Five-ish

1) Weather makes me hot

There might be some misunderstanding about why I not only watch my man Dallas Raines for the weather but also photograph him on my television set, and that is not because I want to tease him about his fashion choices. It is because I am frankly rather in love with him. Any man who gets this excited about barometric pressure is the man for me:

You the hotness. I the nerd.

2) Minneapolis-St. Paul, this bud is for you
For the folks asking if Paul Magers is still the newsman on Channel 2 herein Los Angeles, well yes indeed!

This face seems to say, "Hey baby, wanna come over and read my teleprompter?"

3) Bob is very cute, and in real life is not this big
The camera adds ten pounds, you know. I feel for the guy. I myself am just positive that every picture of me is from the unflattering "seven extra chins" position but Bob is so fluffy tummy I can't resist (women and their cats, I tell you what). Also, what an excellent paperweight he makes!



4) And finally, Dear Eighties Revivalists: Please stop while you're ahead

This was what I saw in Target this weekend:


I almost fell over in shock and fright and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder-esque flashbacks. Do you have any idea how many of these shirts I had in the eighties? I was at all times a walking billboard for Frankie, who said "Relax!" and for saving the whales, waking up before you go-go, and all other manner of ridiculousness. This was my favorite though, it said "Ban Bold Graphics."

Me, staring lovingly at cake. Mmmm. Cake.

People, stop with the eighties. I love the legwarmers, they're funny. I'm fine with the fact that you people are bringing back big belts (big gals like big belts). I'm not hateful mad about the poufy crap because I just consider it as this season's formal shorts. But if you think I'm going to channel George Michael circa 1984 YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN, MR. FASHION. Print that on your t-shirt and smoke it!

(Print that on your t-shirt and smoke it? Someone is on cold medicine. Yup.)

Top five lists don't need five do they?

Oh wait! Here's one final last thing:


Guess that means I need to go put on lipstick and look pretty if the guv'ment is watching ...

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