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October 4, 2007

Is it Wednesday? No? It's Thursday? Really now.

I have a nasty and completely unfortunately timed cold, I just do not have the time to be under the weather right now! I have work to do! Important work, such as ....

Stalking retail establishments for knitted stuff.
Yes, Juicy Couture is doing knitted stuff with pompoms and tassles again this year but instead of just hats and scarves like last season, this time around they also have these funky knitted bags:


Since this display at Bloomingdales is right by the door and right by the eagle-eyed purse ladies, you know I had to come up with a story for why I was taking this picture. I believe it involved my dying sister who is laid up in the hospital and mere minutes from death but probably would get better if she had a Juicy handbag but of course she needs to pick her own color, can I take a picture? Sniffle?

I am just saying is all.

- - -

There is also the important work of photographing the television set.
Our Dapper Dallas Raines was looking even more festive than usual last night:


I personally love adventurous fashion choices. Especially on our news staff ... I feel the weather is more palatable when explained to me by a man wearing a pimp suit. And speaking of adventurous fashion choices, I forgot to show you my shoes from Saturday night!


It is harder than you may think to get a good picture of your own feet. But nothing says "par-tay" like a pair of 3-inch argyle heels! In other news, it turns out that seven-minute shoes become seven-hour shoes if you drink a WHOLE LOT of wine. After a while, you forget you are even wearing shoes! Or maybe I was not wearing shoes. Was I wearing my shoes? Either way, go team argyle.

- - -

And of course, I have to take groundbreaking photos of ... your bumper:

At least this driver is honest.

- - -

And finally... just so you know the picture-taking gene is an actual node on the strand of DNA, my folks sent me some photos earlier this week that they had taken from inside Wal-Mart.

Well, first, my mom called me to tell me, "Ok, you should know I am in Wal-Mart but I promise I won't cry this time!" which is either the beginning to a really funny joke or is about to become a story about this sad thing that happened to the so-and-so girl, do I remember her? Why don't I remember the so-and-so girl, she's the daughter of the friend they have who I met that time.

But as it turns out, my mom and dad were in Wal-Mart just shopping and walked through the book section and found the book and were very excited and took some pictures, as evidenced by Parental Picture Numero Uno:


OK, now when I first saw this picture, I thought, "Holy crap! I'm stacked between Kite Runner dude and Cormac-I-Was-On-Oprah/Won-Pulitzer" McCarthy. Cool!

Then I saw the next picture my folks sent:


Do you think my mom is going around to Wal-Marts in America and re-arranging the shelves? hehehehehe. Sorry about that Cormac McCarthy! But being as you totally got Oprah Winfrey to fly all the way to your house and also you won the Pulitzer, you surely don't mind being covered in cat hair? By my mom? Do you?

Clearly my parents are my secret weapon against the world. I am planning to let them move through Florida and the southeast coast and deploy them next to Texas and after that perhaps the midwest. If you run out to your local Wal-Mart right now and buy that book, I may even have enough money to bail them out of Wal-Mart Jail where they will surely end up after so much creative re-dressing of the shelves.

I also believe I owe Sean Geary and David Addison a lot of wine for getting that little book on the shelves in the first place.

And when I pay up, you know I will be wearing those argyle shoes.

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