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October 30, 2007

Don't forget your cat sweaters!

Nashville has been fun ... pictures coming soon, I have about two minutes before I am supposed to be someplace then another place and then another place with some people then finally... the airport, which I am happy to say I am very much looking forward to visiting (BNA: Big Nashville Airport!) because it will take me home to the felines who I hope remember me. And water. It has been remarkably hard to get any water in my body and so I am now a big zitty dehydrated wrinkled mess. Attractive!

But we had a great time last night, and Mike & Dollie were there and so were Chris and Laura and Ernie and Julie from my high school (!!!) and JP, who is so cute, and Aileen and Gussie and The Shrinking Knitter and Megs and Margeaux, who I want to be hugging right now. You have no idea, girl. I am thinking of you right now and will keep good thoughts heading your way.

It was fun! Lex was a good sport taking pictures which of course you can't see since I have not retrieved them off the camera, and apparently my shirt was not Tanya-esque at all, though it was a burned-velvet net thingy so it was... you know. Festive? I just decided to say it was my own personal tribute to Porter Wagoner and call it a day.

But the main reason I am writing is to remind ya'll who have not already entered that the Drunk, Divorced & Covered In Cat Sweater Sweepstakes (both the random drawing and the sweater part) end tomorrow -- Halloween! -- at midnight Pacific time. Get your entries in here.

Comments are closed since I will have no internet access for who only knows how long.

Happy pre-Halloween!

Posted by laurie at October 30, 2007 7:25 AM