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October 15, 2007

Ah, nothing is better than being back home with three cats sitting on your head.

Last night when I got to my house I sat down (flopped down, more accurately) and within minutes had all three felines sitting on some part of my body. It's good to be missed!

Also, in case no one noticed, my boyfriend Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize! Al, you're the hotness! Call me! You know Tipper doesn't love you the way me and three cats can love you. Also, did I mention that I am available? For you? I liked you even back when you were wearing red flannel and not shaving. Remember that dark period? I was there for you! And I really enjoy recycling! Promise!

There was absolutely 100% no wine involved in this picture. My cheeks are merely red from... love. Really.

So it's been a happy and crazy and wine-drenched, luggage-hauling few days, starting off in Los Angeles:

Lord have mercy. Are ya'll in the right place?

And Tevana won the raffle basket:

Then I was in Houston:
Me and my older brother, Guy.

And at Yarntopia with these pretty gals:

I got to hang out with this dude:
We are fun, come visit us.

And eat my pants off at Cracker Barrel:
I would like hashbrown casserole with a side of hashbrown casserole, please.

And hang out with the family:
No, ocifer we have not been drankin. Amen.

This drunken cat hair book is dedicated to you, dad!

Someone got all the cuteness and I am mad as hell at him.


Hello, John Deere shirt and Uncle Skipper!

This is my cousin Rene, who was my best friend growing up and my partner in crime with the haircutting craziness. I missed her so much and seeing her was like opening a Christmas present. Missed you Rene! She has a daughter named Zettie (she is named after my Oma) who I adore and want to kidnap.

And anytime you start feeling like a fancypants book writer it is comforting to know you have brothers who will happily inform you that not only are you the shortest one in the whole entire gene pool of the family, you are also the widest and have a sticker being placed on your back at this very touching moment that says "dumbass."

Between me and Uncle Skipper, I believe we took eleventy-nine bazillion pictures, and so I went and got me one of them new fangled flickery things. You can see all my pictures right here!

Thank you so much for coming to the L.A. and Houston events! I was really scared about the Q&A, but as it turns out the questions and answers are my favorite part of the whole event because I'm so curious what you all are going to ask! So we'll definitely keep up that part, so have your questions ready because this week I am off to Seattle on Wednesday (by the way, the rockstar Barnes & Noble Super Vice-President of Customers and Events and Stuff there is Erin and she is a knitter, I am really excited to see her and ya'll bring your knitting! They have coffee there, too. (I think it is a law in Seattle) and then I am in Portland on Thursday the 18th (the schedule is here with map links) so start thinking of your questions now and we'll just chitchat all night.

That way I can pretend I am just talking to you and not standing up in a room full of people. ALTHOUGH, since ya'll are sitting down, for that brief period of time I tower over you and I am TALL, and really, that is what matters most.

Because I am not short at all. Or drinking. Nope. Not at all.

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