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September 18, 2007

Tuesday: Butts, Beautiful Weather and BOOKS!

1) Butts
Bob is so damn cute. It's the toes, I think.

2) Oh, this is why we live here
Dallas Raines! Do a little dance, make a little fog, get down tonight!

I was on the phone yesterday with my mom and she was explaining in great detail the thunderstorm she'd managed to white-knuckle-drive her way through on the way back from my brother's house, and was saying something about lightening and thunder and so on. And you know I love to commiserate. "Sorry about your torrential downpours, but what about our PARTLY CLOUDY?" I mean really now.

3) Books!

Last week when we announced the book tour (Dear Mall of America, I will be eating the Pretzel of America, too.) (I can't go into a mall without needing a mall pretzel!) there were a lot of folks wondering if they'd get their pre-orders from amazon.com in time for the event.

Good news! It's shipping now (you gotta love HCI and their powers of changing the world, one bowl of chicken soup at a time) and the book is also available at Barnes & Noble on the shelves. (By the way, next time I am late for something I plan to remind you of the time my book came out a month early. Amen.)

Also, if you buy it now you can get the rockin' amazon.com pre-order price! I wonder if roll-around-naked-in-money rich folks still love a bargain? Maybe that's how they got roll-around-naked rich. If you fall into that category you must let me know if you still get the thrill of a bargain. Also, indulge me and tell me you do occasionally roll around in a pile of cash.

But I myself do love to save a dollar or five. (Edited to add: If your pre-order isn't updating the shipping date, try emptying your pre-order and re-ordering it. Some folks say this is working. Oh, Amazon, we need to sit down and have a chat.)

I can't believe it's finally here. I just want to thank you. Thank you all so much.

Posted by laurie at September 18, 2007 6:55 AM