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September 5, 2007

Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Sweater Sweepstakes


Ah, finally September 4th arrived and with it came a sweepstakes. What? No? What do you mean it's September 5th already...?

As it turns out, this sweepstakes business is all fun and games until it gets to the massive email filtering needed to make sure the entries actually work. Not fun! Not games! I have all sorts of fascinating and complex email issues if by "fascinating" you mean "blah blah blah." But finally with some assistance from my friends Caffeine and Chocolate and some rather obnoxious quality assurance testing, there are fresh new folders and files and so on awaiting YOU, yes YOU!

Check out the full sweepstakes page which is very cute if I do say so myself and read all about this goofy sweepstakes where you can enter a random drawing for one of two $100 gift certificates to awesome SuperCrafty.com plus a signed book by yours truly.

AND (and!!) you can enter the grand prize sweepstakes (it is very grand!) where you could win a huge goody bag full of yarn and pattern books and a signed copy of Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair and also a $100 gift certificate to SuperCrafty.com and maybe some Cheetos. Who knows what else I will gather for grandprizeiosity on my travels between now and then! Plus everyone who enters this portion will be featured in a photo gallery online and boy won't that be something because to enter this part of the sweepstakes...

... you'll knit or crochet a "cat" sweater!

Kudos to you if you get this so-called sweater on or near a cat. Or in the same room as a cat. Or on a picture of a cat. Or on a dog that is having an identity crisis. Or on a kid with the same cuteness factor as a kitten. You get the idea! It’s a very loosely interpreted version on "cat sweater" here...

So go check out the sweepstakes page and enter the random drawing, too, which requires NO knitting or cats whatsoever and read the rules and tell your friends. And your cats. And you dogs who can be dressed as cats... and kids... and friends' kids...

And good luck!

Posted by laurie at September 5, 2007 6:18 AM