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September 10, 2007

More really great stuff that makes life a happier place.

A few months ago when I posted my random "Can Buy Me Love" list, I was so surprised and happy that other folks also agree that a few little bath products and lipstick can make life better, and that I am not the only internet weirdo obsessed with The Deadliest Catch. Let's all go on vacation to Iceland or somewhere oceany... want to? You know we'll all smell good, and knit, and we'll never get bored watching the boats come in. And our lips will be Revloned to within an inch of their puckered little lives.

So, in the spirit of it being Monday and always needing happiness at the beginning of the week, here are some more good things that we use at Chez Feline that make life just a little nicer:

Best thing for keeping the peace with the furballs:
When I first heard about Comfort Zone with Feliway (updated link) for cats, I was skeptical. Kitty cat Prozac? In plug-in or spray form? Um, okay. But when I moved to the spinster castle and we went from four felines in 2500 square feet to four felines + one crying insomniac in 800 square feet, there were issues with cat comfort. So I bought the plug-ins and noticed an immediate difference, especially in Bob. While Bob is afraid of all things (such as "sounds" "air" and "lint") during the day, he is bold and full of surprise attacks at night. If I run out of the Comfort Zone plug-in stuff, he will keep us all awake at night attacking feet, Frankie and the edge of the comforter. It makes everyone mad, especially La Soba, who DOES NOT like to have her sleep disturbed by cats, because she hates cats. She especially hates Bob. So then she attacks with the fury and righteousness of the Wicked. But the Comfort Zone really is Prozac and keeps the peace somehow. I don't understand it either. Magic! Gnomes!


Best Pen for everyday stuff:
The Uniball. Love you. Also love saying "Uniball" hee!

Best thing to happen to cameras since they went all digital on us:
My little Kodak Easy Share camera takes AA size batteries, OR you can replace it with a Lithium battery instead. I think you will be shocked and amazed at how much longer they last. I know there are rechargeable batteries that are better for the environment and all of that, and I support the environment (Love you Al Gore! I am totally free for dinner on Saturday!) but I haven't gotten that coordinated yet to have the charged rechargeables on hand when I need them, it never works for me, and ya'll know I take a LOT of pictures, so I need my camera functional at all times. You would not want to miss a good bumper sticker, heaven forbid!

Best Cat Toy:
The Super Scratcher double-wide, hands down the all-time favorite cat toy in my house. I buy mine at Trader Joe's, so they are a different brand but the same concept. Plus I get to see cute TJs checkout guy. stalk stalk.


Best healthy popcorn:
Bearitos No-oil Organic Popcorn. Now, this will not be your favorite popcorn ever if you are switching from the Movie Theatre Syle Super Butterlicious Yummy Popcorn. It takes some acclimating. (Ingredients are popcorn and sea salt. That's it.) But you can eat the entire bag of popcorn for under 250 calories, and it's organic and still salty and crunchy. I know a lot of folks have a sweet tooth and crave sugar, but I have a salt-and-crunch tooth and I could live the rest of my life on potato chips and be VERY HAPPY thankyou! So this is my potato chip substitute, and it works. Plus I get to feel very healthy because it is "organic." I can be nutty for organic stuff.

Since we are on the subject of potato chips! Best potato chips for when you want to not get a whole lot fatter but still really kind of need to eat a potato chip:
Kettle Bakes lightly salted potato chips are my all-time favorite thing I have discovered in the Undieting. So as ya'll know I am Not Dieting ... instead I am Trying To Have A Healthy Nutritious Life. And yet I lived 35 years of my life locked in a love affair with the potato, specifically its delectible chip form.

My favorite homemade meal of all time is a cheeseburger cooked on the grill and some chips. Simple and awesome. So, with the whole "be healthy in life" thing, I now make my burgers out of organic free-range turkey and the buns are some sprouted wheat blah blah blah, and the chips? The chips are always Kettle Bakes. (You can eat the whole bag and it is only 480 calories. I am just saying is all.) And the ingredients? "Potatoes, oil, salt." No transfats, no mystery chemicals. I'm sure the Perfect Dieter inside me is screaming out that I SHOULD be eating nothing but a plain turkey breast with a side of raw carrots ... but the real person who is me knows she cannot sustain a lifetime of nothing but plain turkey breast and carrots and LOVES these chips for the occasional treat.

- - -

So that is today's list. By the way, I loved all the suggestions last time, and have several items on my To-Try list now thanks to ya'll!

Also, last time I did a column like this, reader Tasha commented that just listing stuff that she liked made her feel happier, too. So I am going to share a rather embarrassing secret, but it's true so there you have it. A few months ago I started having massive massive anxiety about all kinds of stuff. The more I thought of it, the more upset and anxious I got and I started becoming a big old mess.

So I sat down one night when I couldn't sleep and made a list on a pink-lined legal pad of every single thing that was actually WORKING in my life. At first I was like, "Um, well. Let's see. I am breathing." And then I kept writing it all down and before long, my life looked pretty freaking great on paper. SO WHAT THE HELL WAS I WHINING ABOUT. And I did a whole As God Is My Witness thing promising myself that if I started to get anxious and freaked out, I would pull out my list and re-read it and add two new things to it each time.

It is maybe the silliest thing I have ever done, well aside from that summer of Sun-In, but I swear it actually worked. Sometimes it worked by making me remember my life is awesome, and sometimes it worked because I was like "Oh crap, I better stop being whiny or I have to come up with two new things for that damn list."

That list, the List Of What Is Working In My Life, has amazing things on it ... like my family and friends and the quitting smoking stuff and just everything. But it also has "Magic Erasers!" and "Biokleen veggie wash" and "Cascadian green beans with almonds." Just thinking of those green beans makes me happy.

I know I am a big dork. You do not have to tell me, I ALREADY GOT THAT MEMO. But whatever, man! It worked! And it's a heck of a lot better than smoking. Or Sun-In.

Happy Monday!

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