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September 21, 2007

Los Angeles is (kind of but not really) under aerial assault!!

Hi there. You may wonder if I am writing from my bunker, but alas I am not. I had to brave the elements -- which right now include pretty blue skies and sunshine -- but I am still anxiously awaiting the time when I can definitively prove in a scientific experiment that SUGAR DOESN'T MELT, IT JUST LUMPS UP.

Leaving your Los Angeles home today and embarking on any sort of drive is a foolhardy foray into self-flagellation. The entire city appears to be waiting for an attack from some sort of damp foreign material that is said to be pelleted onto the ground level, and it contains a mixture of dampness and smog that might prove lethal to all flat-ironed hair. It's almost as bad as that time someone smoked on Third Street Promenade. Oh, the humanity!

I love Fox 11 morning news -- please don't sue me for infringement. You know I watch every morning for that cute Rick Dickert in SkyFox!

In less terrifying and dramatic news, last night was Stitch 'n Bitch and I got out of work early enough to attend and managed to somehow wheedle Faith into picking me up and transporting me, all TRANSPORTER! style. You know how I roll -- on the bus. Because I am high-class that way. (Also, I just don't have six hours of my day to sacrifice to traffic caused by ... MIST THAT HAS NOT EVEN HAPPENED YET.)

Faith and MJ, go speed stitchers, go!

I love stitch 'n bitch. Click on images for a bigger pic:

World-famous Ellen Bloom on the left with some gorgeous yarn! Lovely Catherine poses with her hand-knit hat that I covet.

Kendra is stringing eyeballs... of course! And look at Molly's super-cute haircut. She's also knitting these cool Swiffer sweeper cover thingies, clever!

Also, I have to apologize to lovely stitch-n-b-attendee Jenna for me being so dorky when she said she'd bought the book and then pulled it out of the Barnes & Noble bag! I got flustered. I still don't know how to be so squealingly happy and yet be polite all at the same time so I clam up and turn red. NICE JOB, WEIRDO RED-FACE GIRL. I'm just so worried of being overwhelmed by the crazy of it all. Did you see the Oprah show with Reba McEntire the other day? Anyway, Oprah said Reba was so down-to-earth and seemed so normal and they both said how it was such a Southern thing, because you just can't be uppity and Southern at the same time -- your family will keep you down to earth. I hollered a big "Amen!" from the comfort of my cat-hair-covered couch. I am secretly over the moon that anyone would spend hard-earned cash on something I made and Jenna, I thank you. I was just so taken off guard! In a good way.

And since we're talking about the people who keep my feet planted firmly on the ground (I do believe my mom told me last week that if I planned on eating all the stuff on my list during my two-day stay in Texas that I should perhaps start wearing a Sansabelt jumper and call it a day) here they are, my two favorite humans in the world, proudly telling God and everyone that their kid is drunk, divorced and wearing a fine patina of something that could be alpaca... could be cat hair:



I'm a LITTLE mad that my parents are so rockin' that I can blame things on them in future therapy. But these pictures make me all mushy and rainy from the eyeballs ... kind of like Los Angeles! Storm watch!!

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