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September 27, 2007

Is it just me...? And why am I now thinking I could knit really fabulous legwarmers? For all that Flashdancing I do?

Even though Astrologer Phyllis warned that the moon is in Pisces and blah blah blah, I still can't help it. Is it just me or are you other Cancer girls out there feeling frighteningly emotional and "no one loves me, everything could end tomorrow" gloom and doomy right now? Like a heightened emotional PMS with no excuse at all?

Also, if it IS just me, please humor me and ignore this portion of our column today.

In other less weirdo news, I finally managed to get a permanent placeholder for both the "Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Sweater" Sweepstakes and the tour schedule. Both are on the right side of the page over there. I hope you go ahead and enter the sweepstakes if you haven't already... the deadline for entries isn't until October 31 (spooky! deadline is ... dead!) and so if you get a move on you can still humiliate your cats, dogs and kids in homemade sweaterish creations!

Speaking of humiliating your cats, I found this Drs. Foster & Smith catalog under my growing pile of mail:

You know that cat is secretly plotting her death.

I love Drs. Foster & Smith, I have always gotten the best service from them and their catalog has tons of cool cat stuff. But seriously you know that cat is as we speak forming a union, he wasn't wearing that collar and working for scale. No way one of my cats would wear that getup without one of us (read: me) losing an eye. That is why I am not eligible to participate in my own sweepstakes!

Reader Sam asked this yesterday about the legwarmers I photographed in Target on a Saturday morning while two women stared at me as if I were from Planet Stupid Paparrazzi:

I bought those legwarmers at target, they don't stay up. Any ideas how I could fix them?

Sam, I would go to your local fabric store and look for the elastic that comes on a spool like thread. It's quite a bit thicker than thread but it is stretchy like elastic without the bulk of a waistband-size elastic piece. Anyway, look for the dark colored elastic thread or a matching color if they have it -- and sometimes the stores will even carry clear elastic, you may have to ask the sales clerk. Turn your legwarmers inside out and begin sewing elastic around the top portion, carefully trying to keep the bulk of the stitches on the inside-out portion so they aren't super visible when you're wearing them. With a large-eye yarn needle, carefully thread the elastic around the top of the legwarmers, you may want to do several rows spaced out over an inch of the top portion, and pull it snug enough to draw in the top of the legwarmers. This should do the trick! I learned to sew when I was a little girl and it really is amazing how many things can be fixed with some carefully hand-sewn elastic thread.

Since I took up knitting, though, I haven't sewn a darn thing, not even a cute little needle case to hold my knitting sticks. Even though it's a completely un-autumn 90+ degrees outside, I'm still feeling autumny and itching to be knitting (or is it all that wool that's itchy? Another thing we'll pretend I didn't ask!) Sadly I had to drive yesterday, although it was much more pleasant without houses being left all over the freeway, and so I got no knitting accomplished on my Halloween Dorky Handknit Item. However, I should be done in rush hour this evening and next week it is all about the knitting here at Chez Talksalot, both mine and other folks' knitting and maybe even a book giveaway or two.

And -- gasp -- possibly even legwarmers. I am just saying is all!

Posted by laurie at September 27, 2007 7:49 AM